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    battery bag suggestions

    Decided to use a battery bag on a Trek step thru frame build. Don't want a top frame install as it defeats the purpose of the step thru and personally don't think it looks good. Dimensions between tubes would make installing to bottle mount uncomfortably tight if even possible. I've found a cpl bags that may work but looking for other suggestions to satisfy due diligence. Price is definitely a consideration but secondary to fit and quality. Using a 13.5 52v shark (mighty mini not a consideration at this time)

    The medium will work but the price is steep.

    Decent price but not sure about dimensions, would be tight on length.

    Dimensions seem to be highly questionable and shipping from China. Prbly would rather pay more for better quality & assurance of fit.

    Blackburn would probably be my 1st try since it has nearly ideal dimensions and hydration port might prove useful for wiring? With Amazon Prime either of those could be easily returned if they don't fit the shark?