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    PAS control

    I guess this is a newbie question but I can't find any info whether or not the BBSHD has an up down type control for PAS assist

    The only e-bike I have ever ridden has 5 or 6 levels of assist that was a simple 2 button up/down configuration


    EDIT: the control was on the left of the bars easy to operate with the thumb.
    My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD

    Sure BBSHD has that, it's part of the display. Which display you get determines how many PAS levels. Latest display can do 9 levels of assist, the earliest displays like c961 did 5 levels.

    Anyway there's a selector switch attached to the display itself which allows for selecting the PAS level (among other things)

    Here's a link where you can see it in operation

    Luna DPC-18 color Display ( (filedata/fetch?id=45577&d=1557358026) Display Features: Full Color Display Automatic Night Mode (with customizable light sensitivity) Choice of Percentage or Voltage display for Battery (goes up to


      Thanks for that info paxtana, just what I was looking for and I really like those new displays

      I was wondering about the selector switch as well, can they be dismantled and cleaned if needed like the switch block on my dirt bike

      can you replace just the switch if needed ?


      My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


        The DPC 14 switch could be unplugged and theoretically replaced, the 750c could not as it was hardwired. I'm not sure about the DPC18 but I doubt it. I would check the pics for a HIGO connector, if so then it can be replaced. Not that replacement switches are available so it's a moot point.

        Yes you could probably dismantle the switch if you wanted to, anything can be dismantled if you try hard enough. On both the other color displays the switch just has small screws holding the backing on. Don't know about the DPC18 version but probably the same.

        Generally speaking neither the display or the switch is what I would call failure prone, not compared to something like the controller anyway. Just don't go chucking it into saltwater and it will probably last the lifetime of the bike with no bigger issue than possibly busting the plastic on the mounting bracket.


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          Can confirm that the DPC-18 switch is hardwired the same as the 750c.
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        The DPC18 has HIGO connector.


          What about connecting a DPC18 switch to a 759c display?



            Yes, all the displays have a HIGO connector going from the display itself but the DPC-14 had a separate HIGO for the switch. See the picture below.
            This is not the case with pretty much any other model.

            Click image for larger version

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              You can get just the DPC-14 switch, but depends on which version of the switch you have (green or blue connectors):

              Have you damaged your three button switch? We've got you covered with a replacement. The switch with the BLUE connector is the replacement switch for early color displays DPC14 (850C) (new style) The switch with the GREEN connector is the replacement switch for early color displays DPC14 (850C) and some C965 displays with Higo connected switches. (old style)

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              Nice find!

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              My plan for a stealth install is to put the display and battery in a bag under the seat - using the DPC-14 I could merely use extensions from the button control to the display in the bag and ONLY have a button on the bars; which extension to use depends on which cable (blue or green) comes with the DPC-14 being shipped.

              However, my first attempt will be to use the c961 and attempt to splice the button cable to the display - if that fails then I will go with the DPC-14 and buy the extensions.

              That said it may be that Bafang could decide to stop sending the DPC-14s with removable cables from the display to the button control if they don't see value in it.
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            Thanks for the reply's

            God it's like learning all about dirt bikes all over again, at least there are some areas that crossover

            I know it's not an E-Bike but here's my current Pride and Joy :-)

            It's a lot of fun...

            Click image for larger version

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            My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


              All my wife wants is a simple PAS, nothing else. I've come up with a plan for a 'simple' stealthy install on my wife's old MTB with a BBSHD mid drive. She likes to ride, but occasionally wants assist on hills so she doesn't have to walk up. Other than that she doesn't want/need anything else. As mentioned in my post above above, I will attempt this with the c961 display, where I will have to splice the button cable and hope it all works. If splicing the c961 button cable does not go well, then the alternative is to buy the DPC-14 display and the cable extensions to put the display in the bag (and set it up for no password).

              The benefit of the c961 is it's simple but it's downfall for me is the hardwired button, but all displays other than the DPC-14 are hardwired The c961 display has 0-3, 0-5, or 0-9 PAS levels AND has a 60 min power off feature. Since she may go a LONG time without wanting assist depending on where we are riding, I like this so it will stay on and she won't have to turn the unit back on.

              The DPC-14 has a REMOVABLE cable from the display to the button which allows for use of pre-fabbed extensions, it also has the same three different PAS levels, but has a 9min power off. So, most likely when my wife wants assist, the unit will be off and she will have to turn it on from the button before she gets assist, and then she will already be off the bike and walking, so then she will throw all this back at me and say fix it! but it's not my fault its the controller that turned off.

              With this install there's only ONE, SMALL wire from the bar to the back of the bike, everything else is wired at or under the seat, and much of it hidden in a bag.
              If she finds that she needs a front brake sensor then that would be 2 wires from the front.

              Any flaws with this plan? Do I have a proper understanding of how the c961 and DPC-14 function? Please comment before I say GO for this purchase.

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                According to an email from Reinhard that display cable "connectors and cables are molded only, 2-3-8 wire are 0.2mm², 4-5-6 are 0.14mm²." that would be 24ga and 26ga. May be too hard to try to splice and extension. So I will go ahead and put the c961 display on the bar next to the button control, and then have a single 39" display cable extension back to the bag. If she still wants to hide the display I could go with a DPC-14 to do that.
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              I'm a labeled Newbie, so my 2 cents: Maybe program PAS 1 to have a tiny percentage of assist so it's ON full ride time, unbeknownst to wifely sort.
              There are some being if she's off the bike the bike will jump if the pedals are moved (i.e. parking bike). How will you guys know when the power is on or off?
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              • AZguy
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                In this scenario a press and hold will turn it on or off and it will turn off on its own after the preset timeout when sitting - I set my timeout to 1min and it's extremely rare it turns off while I'm still on the bike waiting for a light or something. Granted there's no visual indication but I don't see it as a big deal here.

                OTOH I'm not really understanding the reasoning behind hiding the display - a mid-drive is pretty obvious and even before riding e-bikes I had [removable] GPS's etc. hanging on my bars anyway. Although I've tried until I'm blue in the face to get some folks to understand why I want a backlight that will go dark at night on my display so I get it that I just might not get it =]

              Your plan of a simplified ebike is a valid use case and in my experience often asked for, but by people who have never ridden an ebike. Intuitively many people feel that they'd just like a bit of extra power when the going gets tough. But there's a challenge to create what you describe and there is a debatable need.

              First the challenge - The ebike conversion will add at least 50% to the weight of the bike, and potentially remove an easy pedalling gear. Combined this means that you'll be making the bike harder to ride without power. To compensate some people have created a custom lowest level power setting that comes as close as possible to getting the rider back to a neutral power position. But that doesn't operate as intended because the BBSxx drives are pedal cadence sensing, which means that the electric drive kicks in at a set level at a relatively low pedal cadence. The power isn't proportional to power put in by the legs or just when the legs need some extra help.

              What I describe is an over simplification of the issue and again it's an over simplification to say that the closest solution is a torque sensing motor,. But even assuming you could buy a torque sensing motor DIY kit, and you can't, it's irrelevant.

              The questionable need - Once someone rides an ebike they'll rarely ever want to turn the extra power off. But some don't need the control that ten (10) rear bike gears and nine (9) ebike motor power levels provide. For some using a three (3) speed internal gear hub (IGH) and provide three (3) levels of power makes riding more pleasurable. You don't need to get rid of the display as on all the newer models you can configure the number of power levels at the controller or on the display itself on some.

              Good luck with whatever you decide.


              • MPieczko
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                YES - she has never ridden an ebike, we've looked and she likes the idea, but only in her mind of how she wants it to be, not how it is!
                Snow here in midwest and frigid temps have to change before she can test ride one, so my thoughts of a winter project will kiboshed.