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Greenspeed Magnum with BBSHD 1000W motor update

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    Greenspeed Magnum with BBSHD 1000W motor update

    I own 2 of these trikes. One in Florida, one in South Carolina. The Florida trike runs at 30 amps with a 52 V 13.5ah battery. The SC trike runs at 18 amps same battery. I ride solely in PAS 1 on both trikes. Both trikes have a Rohloff Speedhub. I have discovered very good battery range by doing the following:

    The Florida trike: I ride at PAS1 in 3rd gear. Averaging about 140 watts riding all flats. Average range is at least 40 miles per charge. Average speed 10.5 MPH.
    The SC trike: PAS2 in 7th gear. Averaging 180-200 watts riding flats and rolling small hills. Average range is 45 miles per charge. Average speed is 10 MPH

    I am bone on bone in my knees (years of tennis and multiple Scopes) and spin without resistance.

    Each trike has 600 miles with no motor issues. I've had them for a year.

    This is a great forum!

    Marc (moohead)

    The HD is one hellava conversion kit. I split my meniscus probably from going up and down stairs everyday 2 at a time and jogging at a heavier weight.