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    My bike goes 35mph with a BBSHD. It's a 2004 Gary Fisher Solstice comfort bike. Basically 26" MTB with a long head tube and upright riding position. I'm running a 50x11t top gear. It will go 30 in the 50x13 7th gear @ 100rpm, or at 90rpm in top gear. No aero tricks. If I want range I ride slower.
    Here's the Sheldon brown gear calculator. For gear units selsct a cadebce you like, tire size, casette/IGH, and a few chainrings to try. 90 rpm for cruising, and 100rpm for banzai runs are good places to start.

    I have another bike which is an XC Softtail. Ive run 26x2 tires, pure slicks for street, knobbies for offroad, and 700cx28mm for road work. The Schwalbe Big Appple Plus from the Gary Fisher will fit it also except I went bigger on the rear brake rotor. 4 wheelsets for 1 bike. Once you go to disc brakes this is easy. There are shims for casette and disc brake rotors to make them all interchangeable.
    I don't have any 27.5 because they didn't exist yet at the time I did these mods. That would be better than the skinny 700c setup.
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