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    For a LONG time The luna site has been a problem for me. If need to order I have to switch to IE(from Firefox) While in the past I could browse the site in FF, It seems Luna has now changed there site, and even browsing in FF doesn't work. IE works, but not much better. It's most likely the way I'm set up but, Help!

    Try Opera, it's a great browser, a distro from Chrome, built in VPN as well, both my FF v52 and Opera work perfectly.
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      Chrome works.


        Even chrome is giving ssl certificate warnings.


        • paxtana
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          @max where are you getting this info? Is there some tool you are using to look this up?

        • max_volt
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          Right click/inspect-seeing little warning triangles top right
          It's throwing a new one
          fbevents.js:25 [Facebook Pixel] - You are sending a non-standard event 'ViewCategory'. The preferred way to send these events is using trackCustom. See '' for more information.

        • max_volt
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          As a result of Google’s position, many Symantec SSL certificates will eventually no longer be trusted by Chrome and will receive errors if used for HTTPS if the proper course of action is not taken.This will occur in two stages, one beginning in April 2018, and a second occurring in October 2018

        We are still working on getting everything fixed up with regards to user experience after this major site redesign, sorry for the inconvenience.

        SSL working right is one of the few major improvements IMO, as the previous theme had an insecure element (non-https icons)

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-01-03 13_08_20.png Views:	1 Size:	6.7 KB ID:	54861
        Some of the things being worked on:
        1. Several of the carousel pics need resizing (mostly fixed) or non-mobile carousel dimensions need changed
        2. Product description text needs to be left-aligned and spread out so it doesn't mess up existing tables,
        3. Support info will be going to more KB to clean up listings,
        4. Any existing store credit deduction at checkout/payment needs defaulting to "on" like with original design,
        5. Images in product listing need to auto-resize or each image needs scaled to consistent size so it does not move the "next" arrows,
        6. Embedded videos need expanding so they're not as cropped,
        7. Need a popup stating there's a required field not filled in when hitting add to cart without selecting a required option
        8. Non-email confirmation page links to eric's personal email for questions instead of support email
        9. hover-over options should show full size pics
        10. options pics should be resized not cropped
        11. Options need ability for incompatible option combos to be greyed out
        12. Messages section in account needs redirect to support contact sheet
        13. spacing fix for banners
        14. logo on mobile on homepage, and other pages
        15. spanning fixes
        16. out of stock notification when product is unavailable, w/ email box to notify when restocked

        There's probably other issues as well, we've only been working with this for a week. Please feel free to list them on this page and we'll do our best to work it out.

        If you do see other issues with no workaround in the meantime might want to try it on mobile, as it seems this theme was designed mostly with mobile in mind. Which is probably great for the person buying a simple product but for someone doing in-depth research on a kit with like a dozen options they are probably using a PC so it's going to be some work figuring out what's a good middle ground.

        And if anyone here knows Javascript and feels like giving some pointers please feel free to hit me up as pretty much none of what I listed above can be done in the provided theme interface.


        • mrm
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          As of 2day, the site is better. Still, not what it should be(on Firefox).