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Real world examples of waterproofing

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    Real world examples of waterproofing

    Anyone take there bike into wet conditions on a regular basis

    I'm interested in the Luna Shark Packs and the BBSHD specifically

    Has anyone needed to add any additional waterproofing ??


    My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD

    I ride my BBSHD in the rain, on purpose. And on flooded paved trails that have partially submerged my motor, a few times. Core system has been reliable with no faults so far. I've corroded the USB connector on my Batt Man, and had condensation in same. But none in my Bafang display (C961) or controller so far.

    Mine's a triangle pack in a bag so not comparable for your question. It's also been fine. Many of my connections are inside the bag for protection, but there are several connections exposed on handlebars etc.

    I have followed the advice to use dielectric grease on all the connections. For me a couple of them are right by the bottom bracket and get sprayed continuously by the back tire. Fine. Even with salty winter mush.

    I also painted some clear sealant around the seam on my display, 'just in case'. But I took one apart to look inside; it was well sealed from factory.

    I applied silicone RTV around the wiring harness entry into the BBHSD case. Also made sure the gasket was properly installed.

    Nothing special for my left thumb throttle.

    After a wet ride, I bring the bike inside my shop and aim a fan at it until dry. So it gets thoroughly dried out after most rides.

    I think that with care and dielectric grease, the basic system is pretty good for water tolerance. If I didn't have a battery bag, I'd want a tupperware or something to try to house the power connections, though.

    So, I didn't really HAVE to add any waterproofing, as in something failed from wet so I had to take measures to correct that. But I took care during assembly. I think the dielectric grease is the one critical thing to add. And dry the bike if you can.

    If you left the bike outside all the time in the weather, I don't expect it would fare so well. Condensation and pressure changes would probably get you, eventually. They are not THAT waterproof. But good for a really really wet ride for a couple hours in pouring rain, for sure, in my use.

    Different Bafang controllers with USB ports or other breaches in the housing would tend to be more susceptible, that's an entry point IMO. I now put a piece of electrical tape (the good, flexible stuff) over my USB port on the Batt Man and it seems to have helped..
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    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


      Personally I don't regard an ebike as usable unless it can handle a low power hose down to wash after a ride through mud, sand and water.

      In my experience the Bafang motor has a weak spot around the controller, so I put a line of black silicone where it fits onto the main motor.

      The head unit and wiring harness seems to stand up without additional waterproofing.

      The weakspot seems to be the connection between the battery pack and the motor, and any interfaces/switches that are exposed to the elements. For example, the remote Luna on/off switch isn't waterproof and rain gets in the remote switch causing the battery pack to become live.

      I made my own battery pack housing, which I've made waterproof to my standards but if doing again I'd use a marine grade power connector for the battery pack to controller and for the remote on/off switch.
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        One time I took my bikes out in the rain and I ended up blowing my $300 controller due to a lack of waterproofing.

        The bikes got really wet. I let them dry two days in a dry garage before I even charged them, but some water remained inside the controller. As soon as I plugged in the charger, there was a short circuit inside my Lyen Mark 1 controller, and that was the end of that controller. It was not even repairable.

        Because of this, I don't ride in conditions that I know will be very wet. A little rain is okay.


          Thanks for the replies fellows, So what I get from this is:

          Care in the initial build helps

          Seal any breaches in the battery pack or controllers ie: USB ports

          Check all the connectors for watertightness and seal with grease

          Replace the Luna on/off switch with something waterproof

          Basically seal anything that I think may be susceptible just to be safe.


          My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


            Couple more things that may help:

            Package any connectors facing down. Controller has a wire exit that may leak? Put that at the bottom.

            Planning routings, make a 'drip loop' so water won't follow the wiring into the device.

            Click image for larger version

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            Oh, and drain holes are sometimes useful. For example, the side pouches of the Luna Zip Tie bag can funnel and trap water, and the main compartment could probably fill up, so I punched holes in the bottoms of the side pouches, and in the main bag. They can't fill up, now.
            Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


              ACF-50 and JB Weld Black RTV, invaluable products.


                I should pack some JB weld in my dirt bike kit, great stuff for a damaged case or a hole in a radiator
                My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD