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Stans no tubes with tubes and tube talc

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    Stans no tubes with tubes and tube talc

    I went to the LBS to pick up a tube and was chatting with one of the mechanics. He pointed out that when using stans in tubes the tubes have a lot of tube talc inside and that you need a lot more stans since a lot of it immediately balls up with the talc - especially with a fat tube (26" x 4.0-4.8").

    I said why not rinse out the tube first?

    I rinsed the tube insides with RO water. The first flush there was a ton of talc. I had put about a liter of water in the tube and it was a thick white slurry coming back out. After about three or four rinses most of the talc was out.

    As always, YMMV...

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    Makes sense. Good tip!


      I have not tried the Stan's in tubes yet because the green tire slime (in conjunction with 7 tire liners) has been working perfectly for me. Another additional benefit of the green slime is that it lasts longer in the tube (2 years as opposed to 6 months).

      I wonder if talc interferes with green tire slime. It must not because I am not rinsing and the green slime is sealing holes from nails.

      I think I might try rinsing out the talc and using less tire slime in order to save weight.