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Has anyone actually received a ticket on their BBSHD? On-road or Off-road?

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    Has anyone actually received a ticket on their BBSHD? On-road or Off-road?

    I have read many posts on the "legality" and definition of a Class 1 eBike.

    I am way more interested in whether there is any enforcement going on on the Bike Paths or Trails.

    Let me know your experience.

    I’ve heard of enforcement at or near the Topanga off-road trails, but I’ve never ridden there. Most enforcement comes from heckling by other MTB riders that don’t like ebikes off-road, not police tickets. On the cement trails it’s the same, other riders letting those doing stupid things know that they need to change their ways. That’s not just specifically ebike related. I’ve yelled at the gas powered device people on the trails myself. There’s nothing worse than riding behind one breathing their exhaust! Ive had surfers yell at me to slow down at the beach boardwalk when I’m only going about 15mph. That is faster than the speed limit there, so technically they are right. They would have yelled at a pedal Roadie too; giving cruiser riders much more slack as they huddle in their local click/group. But certain surfers and MTBers tend to “control” there local territory and have a sense of local entitlement.

    As an example, years ago two friends that skindive and I went to Dana Point harbor area. While they dived for lobster, I would fish and watch their gear on the land above. A group of local surfers came up to me and started hassling me for even being there. They were “locals” and this was “their” turf. I thought it was a bit funny, but it could have gotten ugly if my friends didn’t happen to surface while I was being surrounded by about five guys all younger than me. What made it even more hilarious was I knew one of them. He was the son of a colleague my father worked with. I had actually been to their house many times when I was younger for dinner and played with him and his sister. It was all I could do to hold back on saying, does your mother know what you’re up to? Because I knew him I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his new hooligan surfer friends. He’s a school teacher now.

    Personally I think it is this sense of entitlement that is the real issue with Class 1 & 2 ebikes on certain trails. Those MTB riders don’t want “any” other riders on what they consider “their trails.” The ebike factor gives them a focus point to keep others out. They don’t want trail traffic to increase ruining their experience on their local trails. Even an influx of out of the area or inexperienced riders in their area will get the third degree to make them not want to come back. A perfect example is the group of posters on MTBR attempting to run the ebike posters away.

    So enforcement by the proper authority figures is literally nonexistant, other than possibly as you go through a paid entrance or parking gate and they see the “motor” on your bicycle. In The OC I’ve been told the rangers tolerate ebikes and watch them closely to see if they will become an issue. Their real concerns are related to “human inappropriate behavior”, not so much the equipment. I haven’t been riding The OC off-road trails other than the simple Fullerton Loop lately, so I don’t know what has changed in the South County park trails in the last year or so.
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      Great reply Rider. That would pretty much echo my sentiments for ebikes here in Australia too. Law enforcement issues to date seem centred around general traffic violations like speeding on wshared pathways and red lights.

    I've done about 2500km on the roads of Brisbane and have pulled up at traffic lights next to police and nothing happened. I don't really see there being an issue unless you are doing something silly, but that would happen on a normal bike as well. 99% of my riding is commuting on public roads. I've been a cyclist for a lot of years and know how to interact with the traffic to minimise my presence to them. Now I have the power of the ebike I find that I can fit into the traffic even more seamlessly.