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Advice needed for which ebike for tours

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    Advice needed for which ebike for tours

    Hey Everyone!

    I ask for advice:

    We want to start an ebike tour company in Indonesia
    In generell we are quite limited to bring stuff in to the country, so i can use only parts i can get in Indonesia

    We got an proposal for an ebike mtb and we want to ask you for your advice if its sounds solid to you

    To the tour, it will be mainly downhill with some slopes in between, the distance will be around 20 km.
    The bikes will be used every day in the best case, the costumer will be typical western people, so around 160 to 200 cm tall and up to 110 kg

    MTB 26" Polygon
    Engine XD Brushless Gear 350 Watt Rear
    Battery 36V/11,6ah Samsung
    1:1 speed intelligent
    Net Weight 26kg without battery and 30 kg with

    We ask kindly for advice what the experts in this forum says to this bike.

    Please keep in mind we are limited, we can order bigger engine, but does it makes sense?

    Thanks in advance


    I think it absolutely makes sense to go with a bigger motor. Going up hills with a bunch of fat tourists on a 350w motor running 36 V is not going to be particularly fun. On the bright side your motor is geared which is good.

    If it were me I would make it a 48 V battery, and a higher capacity battery as well, and ideally going with a motor that has a controller that can have a higher peak than 350 W.

    It's not a bad way to start and it is probably fairly reliable since it is geared for your hills. The thing is that it's pretty underwhelming riding a ebike with a 36 V battery even on flat terrain with a rider that is not overweight, so if you are using something like that on hills with overweight riders you probably would end up wanting a bit more power.


      Indonesia seen from an e-bike sounds like a tour I'd like to take!

      I wonder if it would make sense to use motors with regenerative braking for his bikes. If the terrain is indeed mixed, couldn't that extend his range?

      I'm probably not being helpful, but it did make me wonder...

      Best of luck with your plans, indobiker!



        Geared hubs don't do regen, if you got hills you're way better off with geared than a DD hub doing regen because geared will have so much better efficiency on hills.


          I’d encourage you to google ‘electric bike tours’ to compare what other facilities are using (as far as motor types and batteries).
          And check out restrictions like minimum height and age to ride safely.

          But I think your on the right track with your numbers.


            Originally posted by paxtana View Post
            Geared hubs don't do regen, if you got hills you're way better off with geared than a DD hub doing regen because geared will have so much better efficiency on hills.
            That all makes good sense.


              Most people who ride my 250W Bafang rear geared motor are overwhelmed by the "power", and I think most tourists would be in that category. These will be tours led by a guide, who will set the speed limit? Get a sample ebike and have one of your heaviest employees ride the route and see how it handles the slopes. Put 50 pounds in a saddle bag to simulate fat Westerners.

              If you get a more powerful bike, get it with a programmable controller and dial back the speed and current. It can be adjusted for the few times you need it.


                Hey all, thank you for your opinion!!
                The problem ebike operator don't talk about their specifications.
                Anyway as Harry said, i heard as well of other tour operator that they have strong strong engine, but anyway have to limited the power a lot otherwise the normalo tourist will kill themself.
                We will try 1 bike with this specifications and try it out.

                I will keep you updated, how this worked out.

                Again, thanks a lot