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Ultimate rear view and helmet safety discussion! ;-)

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    Originally posted by MoneyPit View Post
    I am not fond of handlebar-based mirrors. I prefer to be able to see directly behind me while looking forward. Only way to do that is with a helmet mounted mirror. A full view behind yuou is just an eyeball flick away.

    But there's a right and a wrong way to do a helmet mirror. Most of the products out there are all wrong. Primarily because the mirror is subject to vibration which ruins the rear view. The Sehen kickstarter mirror addresses the issue and shows the problem in this vid (vibration). I bought one of these Sehens and they do work, but you can achieve the same benefit with a couple strips of tape. Only the first 15 seconds of the vid illustrate the problem and value of the solution perfectly.

    We made this little video to show you the technique we use to made the comparisons for our Kickstarter video.

    Now, for the mirror that I use: $15.

    I hook it to the visor of my helmet. From there, two cents worth of gorilla tape fastens a bit of the boom of the mirror to my helmet and totally eliminates all vibration. In the pic below, I obviously wasn't trying to be neat. Since then I have prettied it up. Once on it never needs re-taping.

    I focus the mirror just like a car mirror: I make the edge of my helmet visible for a reference point and from there I can look back and see 2+ lanes of traffic without moving my head at all. I have a stable wide screen TV view behind me.

    I use the Sehen for the rare short trip where I am not wearing my regular helmet. I have gotten so used to just looking forward and being able to instantly see behind me I really don't feel safe otherwise.

    Click image for larger version

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    I want to thank you for turning me on to that helmet and mirror. I had to fuss with the mirror a bit but when I moved it closer to my eye and spaced it to the left with alittle foam block everything fell into place. You were also spot on about the cheek piece foam.

    Click image for larger version

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    • MoneyPit
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      Right on! Glad you got it to work as desired. Now just don't ever need it :-)

    • JPLabs
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      I use the same one. I like that it can be bent to position perfectly. I place mine unusually low, so it is below my normal field of view. I don't have any vibtatiin issues. I also have tape, but only where it clips on. Have a bar end mirror on one of my motorcycles, and this is better. It's great for situational awareness behind me. Overtaking cars are easier to miss with the bar end mirror. I have to move, aim, look. Helmet mirror is more reliable for me.