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Amazing video on wire stripping and tinning

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    Amazing video on wire stripping and tinning

    I have seen many videos on stripping and tinning, but this one takes the cake:

    I love the closeups and how they use isopropyl alcohol and tinning paste. The video is eerily simliar to this video

    The first video is for UL2464 wire and the second is for UL2468.

    UL2464 wire fun facts: available from 2-10 conductors,16-28 AWG, wire outer diameters 3.8-6.5 mm. Jacket colors black, grey, or white.

    UL2468 wire fun facts: available only in 2 conductor, 18-26 AWG, wire outer diameters 2.7-4.4 mm. Jacket colors black, white, clear, or red and black.

    I might also mention that I buy my multiconductor cables from Digi-Key starting with this search

    I choose the number of conductors that I want and then apply the search filter. I then specify 24AWG (for 5V ebike electronics), the color black and peruse the choices in stranded wire. I have always been able to find a 5-15 meter length.

    I once made the mistake of buying several feet. I received ten pieces of wire, each measuring one foot in length. You only make that mistake once.
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