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Building leg strength with motorized trike: Questions I'd like answered

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    Building leg strength with motorized trike: Questions I'd like answered

    It's been awhile since I checked in! I have ridden my BBS-HD Greenspeed Magnum 1000 miles to date. I am building my quads, calves and hammies. I have done this by riding in low gears in pedal assist 1. My motor is tuned down to 18 amps. I ride 11 miles every other day. My legs are building muscle, but my shins are burning under the knee (I'm bone on bone). I want to continue to build my legs, without incurring more arthritic issues. My cadence is about 60 RPM. Question time:

    Would it be wiser to gear up from gears 1-3 to 4-6 and simply try to increase cadence to make up some of the lost speed? Is the resistance the primary factor in building leg strength?

    I am not yet ready to ride unpowered (I'm 260 pounds with a 70 pound trike). If I did, I'd have to hamster pedal!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW, my mileage per charge on my 52 amp 13.5ah shark battery is over 50 miles.


    Moo (Marc)

    I think this is the sort of advice you can get from a physical therapist. This forum is geared to bicycle parts not physical fitness.

    With that said, as a cyclist, 'spinning' was always the way to go to build leg strength and endurance. Is that right for you with your medical history and physical condition? I wouldn't dare hazard a guess. You REALLY need to consult a physical therapist familiar with your medical history.


      Interesting question. I had always took notice of the calf but not the shin.
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