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    What Is Paul EM3ev Doing

    Paul is EM3ev or Cellman, I guess, on Endless Sphere. He sells battery packs for decent prices. But he ships from China and his shipping costs are very high, like stratospheric high. I bought a Mac motor from Paul, and that’s it for personal experience. The Mac is great, no complaints whatsoever, but it arrived falling out of the box and that made it tough to buy anything else from Paul.
    Ravi Kempaiah, who hangs around forums like the EBR forum, posted a YouTube video of Paul at the last Interbike. I said it was a great video and all that, but asked about Paul and his shipping problem. Ravi said a US warehouse was in the works, and this was some months back.
    It just gets weird after this. ‘Crazy Lenny’, a huge ebike dealer in Madison, Wisconsin, posted on his website a long thing about Paul including Ravi’s video. (Ravi is going to work for Lenny this summer.) This has been on the Crazy Lenny website for a while. It’s just gushing with praise, which may be accurate, but seems overdone. Last month, on Reddit, Someone with the Crazy Lenny type name said that Paul was opening the warehouse in the US about now, with Shark packs and some hot rod version of a Bafang motor. So why has Lenny become the publicist for EM3ev? Over the weekend a long time and reliable member of the EBR forum said Lenny would be somehow expanding his presence in the DIY market. Right now that is a tribute to Paul and a video about Paul.
    Paul is an idiot not to have a US warehouse, since his shipping costs make Luna much cheaper on batteries. I don’t know how the motors cost out, with shipping. Paul sells the Mac motor. That’s a complicated motor to sell, since you need to lace the motor into various rims, and there are rim and disk brake versions. The Macs don’t get much attention.
    A bit more competition would be a good thing. No one is developing the Golden and Mac motors, even though they can be easier and cheaper, with no need for chain rings and IGH hubs. I like hub motors, and feel they are second class citizens. They are not super performance, at this level. My year old Mac build, with 2,000 miles on it, doesn’t stress anything. Everything on the $400 bike stays in tune, the parts don’t wear, and my maintenance is almost nothing. I expect my two Goldens to be about the same.
    Paul is knowledgeable. He can tweak the market. I don’t know what his deal is with Lenny. Lenny is a big dealer with a lot of ebike inventory. But a guy selling Haibikes turning around and trying to sell BBSHD motors isn’t a natural fit. Paul could sell out of Lenny’s warehouses. Nothing in Paul’s current operation is all that dynamic. I don’t know what Paul’s cost structure would be on battery packs and on motors.
    The one thing Paul probably has is his connections in China. Supposedly he is close to the Bafang operations. In the US, the influence the DIY vendors have with Bafang, Golden, and Mac seems very low. The product improvement cycle is very, very slow. DIY has the best motors and the DIY people understand the battery systems. But the motors aren’t being developed, they aren’t pushing things like PAS systems. You take a huge company like Shimano, and they can’t seem to develop a decent ebike motor. But they probably will, with stuff like IGH and autoshift. You want people who make money and develop the products, which requires some level of competition.
    My favorite recent product is the Rad Mini. It’s a little folding fatbike for around $1500. They sell them 50 at a time and they sell out pretty quickly. It’s not some super brilliant design, but it’s nicely thought out. It takes experience to do that, and they are being rewarded.

    Business decisions are always affected by complex issues that aren't always apparent. However, I think it is clearly apparent that from the beginning (last July) Luna was committed to being a serious competitor.

    Prices and selection have improved, and if it wasn't for Luna, the best prices on batteries would be from dozens of sketchy garage-operations that sell product they got from anonymous Aliexpress vendors.

    Even if someone still buys from em3ev, their prices and selection improved AFTER Luna began selling. Decide for yourself if that was a coincidence.