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SUR-RON VS ......... NYX/Stealth QUESTIONS before buy

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    SUR-RON VS ......... NYX/Stealth QUESTIONS before buy

    How does a Sur-ron compare to the NYX/Stealth vs Dirt bike vs Mountain bike?

    Unfortunately, no videos or reviews i've seen are from people who, I hate to say ,"more extreme" than my friends and I. My friends and I jump 25'+ jumps on bmx bikes and much larger on dirt bikes.

    Any help will be greatly appreciative : )
    -Sur-Ron drive system is in the bottom bracket, which I would think would be a positive compared to the NYX/Stealth because I'm worried about backend weight when jumping large jumps. Would like a balanced bike .

    -Sur-Ron vs Mountain bike. If you add the pedal assembly it looks way too far back near the rear wheels which would throw off geometry? Any insights?

    -NYX/Stealth just isn't worth the price compared to our traditional dirt bikes.

    Trying to find an electric bike for jumping over large jumps in close to residential housing.

    Pictures below is our bmx trails.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a similar bike to the NYX and it has the motor in the rear wheel. Ronnie Renner is a spokesperson for stealth and this video addresses some of your questions


      Good vid. Thanks.
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        What about the pedal position when added?


          Duuuuudddeee!!! I've been contemplating this same exact thing about the Sur Ron and is the main reason I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet. All the videos I have seen of guys riding them are not thrashing the bike at all or jumping anything remotely impressive. I want to know exactly what the Sur Ron is capable of before buying and sending it off of jumps like what you have pictured and having the frame snap, swingarm get bent, etc. The whole mountain bike suspension on a 100lb bike really concerns me when it comes to jumps and as steep as your kickers are I would almost guarantee the Sur Ron bottoms out going up the takeoff. I believe the suspension could be remedied as I have seen guys with hopped up pit bikes running Shivers and hitting pretty big jumps but my concern is the frame and swingarm. I agree 100% on the pedal position being too far back and I would just go with the pegs if I buy one. The pedal system kinda seems like an after thought to achieve the "moped" classification in some states. I'm in the process of buying land and want to put an e-bike track on it so I've been scouring the internet for videos of people really pushing this bikes limit as I don't want to lay down $3500 on something that'll twist like a pretzel.


            Also, I have seen the videos of a guy riding one on a very mellow motocross track with titles such as "keeping up with a 450" or something along those lines which is absolutely ridiculous as it shows a guy riding a 450 around the track that is either purposely putting around in 2nd gear or is a very novice rider that's scared of the bike. I could put my wife on a CR500 and smoke her around the track on my bicycle hahaha. In no way, shape or form does that indicate my bicycle can keep up with a CR500. The closest vids I have found to someone doing some impressive stuff on one of the electric mx/mountain bike hyrbrids is the Kuberg Freerider. There are videos of guys doing backflips and hitting some decent sized gaps on them but the bike itself is so freaking ugly.


              You may want to visit the Endless sphere thread

              And ask feedback there.

              Regarding the pedal kit on the sur-ron, I would forget about it, the gearing will cripple the performance