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This HAS to be a scam, no?

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    This HAS to be a scam, no?

    Hi folks - brand spanking new member here. I actually signed up just so I can ask people smarter than myself if they've ever heard of a website called Viify?

    It's promising EXTREMELY cheap e-bikes. But the language is less than perfect, it's not a secure connection for credit card checkout, and the site just came into existence in April.

    I figure this HAS to be a scam... they're offering most bikes for $99.99 including free shipping. I mean, that's just stupid, no?

    Anyone want to risk it?

    The F.A.Q. page is quite amusing:

    How do you send my purchased items?
    When We received your payment, we will deal with your order with 24 hours. If anything goes well, we will ship it out with 2 days.

    well, that's reassuring, if you're a glass half full type

    Why do you charge my card more than your product price?
    We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the blank as the blank fee. Hope you can understand.

    no, not really - I don't understand!


      Sorry Boogie711, I don't even have the stones to click the link, no thanks.


        96% off and free shipping. What could possibly go wrong?


          The language on the Information page made me laugh.

          I bought two rims from a “sounds to good to be true” website, and I had to call AND go to my bank about 8 times to get back my $60. My bank made me file a police report, so that was another trip.