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    Just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from and what their experience was. I ordered this:

    3 weeks ago to use as a 'clutch' for coasting and changing gears etc. I haven't received it yet and when i inquired they told me to go and ask about it at the post office. Yes because the postal service just holds onto packages without attempting to deliver them sometimes...
    Any experiences, good or bad?

    Well it was 3 weeks ago and from Australia to Canada! I have heard Canadian customs can drag they're feet. I know several people who ordered Bluetooth bms from them without issue. Was any tracking purchased for the shipping? A 5 dollar item that cost what to ship ??


      Shipping was $15 and they said delivery was 7-10 days. The tracking number they provided doesn't work. And I believe they are in China, not AUS. Usually I get items 7-10 days with express shipping from China.
      Was just wondering if they are an actual company or not. Thanks for the response.
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        For what it's worth they are on the recommended seller list. Standard shipping from China is minimum 3 weeks. lists the most knowledgeable and reputable vendors for e-bike builder supplies.


          I have bought several things from them, and all of the things that I bought were shipped out of Tonga. They all arrived fine, but it did take awhile.