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42 or 46 tooth lekkie or 48 eclipse chain ring on a 29er for street use only

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    Originally posted by Hard Tail View Post
    I’ve fitted the coloured Bling rings too and they can look smart. Interesting my LBS thought they weren’t going to sell the coloured Ones as most punters prefer the straight black.
    I don't think lekkie even makes anything other than black now. The eclipse was on end of summer sale so I got it for the same price as a lekkie! Advantage is now if I wear out the sprocket I can just get another sprocket and not have to replace the whole chainring lol.
    My rear chain stay is not gonna like anything bigger than a 42 tooth anyways and the eclipse is just a smidgen larger in diameter due to the longer tooth profile than the lekkie but will be fine. Sure is a work of bike porn lol

    Thanks Hardtail !!