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Want to put 26" front tire hub on a KickBike.

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    Want to put 26" front tire hub on a KickBike.

    Do you think these kits will do the job? Will the PAS work without a pedal?

    I've spent days in a electric conversion kit rabbit hole and just really want to pull the trigger and get rolling.

    Looks like I have front suspension so my new question is: Can I put a front wheel conversion kit on the rear wheel since I don't have a pedal or gears?
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    You need to do some measurement.

    What is the OLD of the current rear wheel.

    Does your kickbike have a 26" (559 BSD) rear wheel? You need to keep the wheel size the same. Hub motors are available with rims from 305 BSD (16") to 622 BSD (700c/29"); the most common (and lowest cost) being 559 BSD (26").

    PAS sensor is mounted to the crank of a regular bike and measures how fast your pedaling. It needs continuous rotational motion of the magnet ring with respect to the sensor. If the PAS sensor you get has multiple poles on the magnet ring, if you removed 2/3 or 3/4 of them, and somehow mounted it to the front or rear wheel, it might work. Typical top gear for a ebike conversion is in the range of 3:1 to 4:1 A throttle is much easier.

    You can mount the hub motor wheel front or rear; on my ebike conversions, I find front is a bit more balanced.


      I've decided on the Cross 29er Kickbike, a Smart Pie 5 Vector 26" front wheel (100 mm spacing) that I'll put on the rear, and a Luna 48v 24ah monster triangle battery. The kickbike has no pedals so the rear tire is 26" with 100 mm spacing. At this point, it's just waiting to have all three separately shipped, so all I can do is conjecture and hope for the best.
      I'll look into your idea about the PAS sensor. The cruise control may be a good enough option.
      Thanks for reaching out.