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10 speed 11-46T Sunrace Cassettes

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    10 speed 11-46T Sunrace Cassettes

    Found these on Amazon. besides cosmetics the biggest difference I see is one is all steel cogs and the more expensive one the 10th cog is aluminum... So here's the question which would be the better option to go with for a BBSHD conversion. Would the steel actually be the better option to hold up with Ebike power. Was considering re gearing to 11 speed but if this works i think it would be wiser to stick with the beefier 10 spreed chain. Im not concerned with speed in my build more concerned with getting enough torque to do hill climbs. Im happy going max 20mph and thats probably way faster than Id actually go.. This comes with a drop adapter to use the current derailleur. Thinking it would be better to go with a long cage derailleur and for go that if possible. Any ideasof specific models to look at? 2018 Motobecane Boris the Brute 19" frame 197 rear Shimano Deore shifter with SLX Derailleur. I don't mind investing a bit if its going to perform better or be more durable but not really concerned in spending money just to reduce weight. Heres the links to the Sunrace options I found. Thanks in advance

    2018 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike BBSHD Build

    I've got the 11sp sunrace steel 11-46t and very pleased with it. The steel should last much loner than the aluminum shimano (M8000) I was running and on top, the gear ratios are better IMO.

    From what I can tell, the 11sp chains are better than the 10sp in terms of strength - they use precision pins and are a very different construction than most 10sp [or less} with more precision links, etc. OTOH, because the pins are machined they cannot be re-used so that needs to be taken into account but it a small price to pay, and the chains are clearly going to be more expensive but they are still reasonable in my opinion - I'm paying about $30.

    Either way, 10 or 11, the steel sunrace cassette is a very good way to go. I think it might be easier to find a 11sp derailleur that will handle 11-46t better and without an extender. I've got the shimano M8000 and it deals with 11-46t no problem and is a really nice derailleur. Very, very pleased with my driveline - raceface narrow-wide 42t up front.



      I use the steel one. Aluminum 'granny gears' might collapse, high load, steel will last longer with the poor chainline at that position, too. Steel, in my opinion.

      My Motobecaine 197mm bike has SRAM Long Cage derailleur, that works. Not sure about the Shimano set up. If long cage, probably ok?

      10 speed chains don't last all that long for me. I wish it was 8 speed, with a big 42-46T granny gear, for the tougher chains. But that isn't something that exists for retrofit, at reasonable prices, from what I know. I sure would not want 11 speed, weaker yet, I think.

      Edit: OK, not weaker, see prior comment! I stand corrected.
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        I originally thought the same thing about 11sp and had considered changing to 10sp, but more and more reading and the hand's on has convinced me otherwise =]

        The are definitely more precision made and I don't know if that translates to stronger but they are not weaker IMO and wear comparably. My last one has ~2000mi and shows almost no stretch - I only replaced it because I went to the new steel cassette and narrow-wide chain ring and am a bit OCD about changing the chain too. OTOH I have perfectly working drive line albeit aluminum with ~2000mi on it as a backup...

        Like I mentioned I like the gear ratios on the sunrace a lot better than the shimano too. Shimano just took the 11-42t and changed the 42t to 46t without changing any of the others and the sunrace has more reasonable steps for me!
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