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11 reasons to buy from LUNA in the USA instead of China vendor

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    George, you are spot on. Live in Fort Collins, CO a huge bike community and they will not tolerate high spd ebikes. At this time ebikes period are not allowed on any bike trail, but...are not ticketed when operated responsibly.


      If you drive a V8 automobile does it compel you to drive faster than all the 4 cyl vehicles? The HD fits in just fine. If we want to start splitting hairs, the MP5, MAC, and the BBS02 are all capable of running outside this theoretical infrastructure.

      Paul has not shown, nor has Roshan, to have any inside information. Simply forum gossip and speculation.


        I came to Luna because there was a revolution being started. One that has lead to lower prices across the market. Access to innovations and a genuine interest in seeing more people building and riding kits. While being successful is certainly important, it's not been the core principle. Luna hasn't gone out into the market like the other purported innovators and stolen ideas and designs. Eric and Luna has developed and made the innovations, And made them available before anyone else. Notice Luna doesn't come to market with the highest prices possible on the introductions rather, like the color display introduced them at deep discount. NO ONE has EVER done that. The competition has copied, relabeled, tripled prices, and generally gouged kit builders around every corner. I take great pleasure in looking around the internet and seeing what's happened to pricing since Luna showed us that there can be a profit on fair prices and honest warrantees.


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          Hear! Hear!