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What is your efficiency/ Watt hours per mile with your ebike

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    Sorry...just called it "GUI" since that's what the Batt-Man documentation called it...just wanted to avoid confusion :)

    So like you're saying, their documentation says I should be seeing Wh on 2nd ('Battery Meter') screen 'when there is no current.' I'm not seeing that--all I've been seeing is '0W.' To experiment I just reset the unit, stuck the bike on a rack, and ran up 1.3 miles using the throttle. I'm attaching the 3 screens I'm seeing. And what I'm seeing on the PC app doesn't match either (screenshot attached).

    Click image for larger version

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    2017 Growler 26" fat bike BBSHD


      I don't think english is the first language for the guy making these (although he seems proficient) so take some instructions with a bit of salt

      Some firmware versions only show watts but others show Wh when watts are less than 100W - the fellow making these thought that confused people so some versions only show watts

      You may want a different firmware - PM if you think that makes sense


        Hey thanks. I got in touch with the Batt-Man folks and they have just sent the firmware that should display the Wh.
        2017 Growler 26" fat bike BBSHD