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What is your efficiency/ Watt hours per mile with your ebike

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    Sorry...just called it "GUI" since that's what the Batt-Man documentation called it...just wanted to avoid confusion :)

    So like you're saying, their documentation says I should be seeing Wh on 2nd ('Battery Meter') screen 'when there is no current.' I'm not seeing that--all I've been seeing is '0W.' To experiment I just reset the unit, stuck the bike on a rack, and ran up 1.3 miles using the throttle. I'm attaching the 3 screens I'm seeing. And what I'm seeing on the PC app doesn't match either (screenshot attached).

    Click image for larger version

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    2017 Growler 26" fat bike BBSHD


      I don't think english is the first language for the guy making these (although he seems proficient) so take some instructions with a bit of salt

      Some firmware versions only show watts but others show Wh when watts are less than 100W - the fellow making these thought that confused people so some versions only show watts

      You may want a different firmware - PM if you think that makes sense


        Hey thanks. I got in touch with the Batt-Man folks and they have just sent the firmware that should display the Wh.
        2017 Growler 26" fat bike BBSHD


          Running a 3kw hub with modified sine wave on 26" 2.4" knobby tyres and a bike that weighs in 33-35kg and going 50-60kmh I get 42wh per mile/ 26.8wh/km in about 5-10°c weather. with my 1.5kwh battery (14s9p Samsung 35e) that gets me 56km without pedaling. I get that to 75-80km range in summer. I built my battery to not heat up and that's great in summer but I need to insulate it in January/February weather, it gets too cold with the wind chill. Now keep in mind, i gun it most of the time especially at lights with 113nm of torque at the tyres point of contact, it's a bike built for hills and climbing, not a crazy top speed. It tops out at 70kmh on a flat with a full charge but climbs like a billygoat. Her names Nikki.


            Old thread but prolly OK to add to the stack
            Motobecane Titanium fat bike built 2016, BBSHD running tubeless 4.4" Jumbo Jim's at 15PSI Battery bank 52Volts @ 49 amp hours. (2,538 Wh) Bike wt 83lbs My weight 210 lbs
            Second set of 29" wheels with Schwalbe G One All Around current odometer 11,200 miles
            Loaded for bikepacking total weight 355 lbs. Speed 16-18mph mixed dirt ,some climbing ,some wind 13-17 Wh/mile Range @ 90% usage 175-135 miles 281-216km
            Normal day pack on bike, total 295 lb. mixed dirt, speed 17-19 mph. Same power usage as bikepack rig.
            Pavement, total weight 290 lb. 29X 2.25 G One Allround tubeless with normal day pack, 17-19 mph power use is 9-13 Wh/mile or range of 254-175 miles (410-281 km)
            Snow, breaking trail 5-6" deep. Terrene Wazia 4.6" fully studded tires. 3PSI front, 4 PSI rear tire, bike and me 310 lbs. Speed 8-12 mph level ground, not wind 22-28Wh/mile Range about 80 miles (130km)
            I am pedaling, no throttle. On long trips I am not pedaling much by the end of the day. Probably 80-120 watts per hour from me.


              Rode with a bunch of friends on their non-electric bikes and got around 6Wh/mi... and that was with an average speed of ~12mph and about 10mi... barely touched the electric


                I have 1500 miles logged on my Luna Apollo with 14s6p (1188 Wh at 56.6v charge) converted to Archon X1 (Innotrace) controller. I consider a trip of 50 miles in range. If it is a little over or feeling it is abnormal, I pack my Satiator charger and a 7.5Ah Ego lawnmower battery or two. Using the Ego 1500W inverter I can add 320 ish Wh from the 7.5Ah Egos. I usually target a cadence of 80rpm (lazy).

                Come spring I am going to try camping with a 120W portable solar to charge the Ego batteries and in turn top off the bike. The BMS on the Ego batteries limit to 56v charges.
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                  15-20 Wh/Km (more in city traffic, 15 on long trips with no wind)

                  average 40km/h varying 35-49 depending on wind.

                  Scott citybike with front suspension, 1.95" marathons and BBS02 Single streamlined pannier and bag in the frame.

                  flat asphalt

                  Goal monthly
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