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Luna / Lunacycle batteries - International delivery experience to Europe

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    Luna / Lunacycle batteries - International delivery experience to Europe

    The purpose of this article is to document international shipping for batteries purchased from Luna, and to do so as a supplement to general shipping information available on .

    Batteries can be delivered to Europe only via sea freight. As mentioned on Lunacycle's shipping page, the main characteristic of this process is that the package won't have an accessible tracking number during sea freight, and the whole thing from order to delivery could take 6-8 weeks or more. (In my case it took 10 weeks from order to delivery.)

    There are actually three sub-phases of delivery: a) delivery from Lunacycle premises to the sea port, b) delivery via sea freight to country of import in the EU (Sweden), and c) delivery from country of import to buyer's final destination.


    1) If/when a battery is placed in the shopping cart, the checkout will automatically offer different shipping methods than it otherwise would. The shipping cost displayed at this stage will be approximate and not exact. (Usually, the total shipping cost is around $160)

    2) When an order is placed and it gets processed by Lunacycle, then if the package contains a battery (and so must go via sea freight), the support will email the buyer informing them and confirming this fact, and asking if they want to proceed

    3) If yes, then Lunacycle will also give an exact shipping quote, and the buyer will have to make another payment to cover the difference (if any) and inform Lunacycle of the transaction ID.

    4) If the battery is not being purchased at a discounted/promotional price as part of another item, and the total cost is not an issue, then it is better to make two orders - one for battery-related items (e.g. battery and charger) that will travel via sea freight, and one for any/all other items that will travel via air.

    If the battery is being purchased at a discounted/promotional price as part of another item, then you can make one order for everything, and either ship everything via sea freight, or respond to Lunacycle support email saying that the package contents should be split into two shipments - one for sea freight, and one for air. (In that case, the total shipping costs and the additional amount to pay will be higher as there will be two separate shipments, of course.)

    In the case of one order with two separate shipments, please also remind Lunacycle that the invoice should be split as well, each accounting for the correct part of the total, so that you wouldn't have problems at customs and/or pay more taxes than necessary.

    5) Lunacycle support will hand things off to the shipping manager and the package(s) will be sent. At this point the order will be updated with tracking number(s). For a couple of my orders, this phase (from order to shipping label) took between 5 and 14 days.

    6) The tracking numbers assigned will be for the first part of the journey - from Lunacycle premises in El Segundo, CA to the port in Linden, NJ. In my case this took 6 days from label creation to delivery.

    7) Once the packages are delivered to the docks in Linden, they will be shipped via sea freight using Lunacycle has an account with them and will have some visiblity into the package tracking, but this information is not exposed to end users. In my case, this part of the journey took 46 days before I was contacted for the next step.

    8) The port of entry to Europe will be Sweden and consequently this is where the customs processing will happen. In my case I received an email with invoice from Freightway AB Sweden with three documents: a) their invoice for tax/customs, b) copy of invoice from Luna for this shipment, c) taxes/costs breakdown with amounts in Euro.

    For a shipment value of $255 (including shipping), the additional costs were 89 EUR, consisting of VAT 25%, Duty 4.7%, customs clearance 18.5 EUR, and credit card fee 2.5%.

    The invoice will be located at domain, and provide options for making a payment.

    9) Once the payment is made, after 6 days I received an email from "JetCarrier Logistikk Norden" <> informing that the package was ready for shipment.
    The email included the new tracking number, with a note that it will be accessible/trackable online within 2 days since receiving the notice.

    10) After 9 more days, the package arrived via DPD delivery.
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    In yet one another order, the time from the order being marked as shipped in Lunacycle portal to contact/invoice received from Freightway AB (steps 5 to 8 above) was 47 days.

    As usual, all EU/EEC parcels from Luna Cycles are imported into Sweden as first EU country and Swedish VAT and duty fees apply.

    For this total Lunacycle order of EUR 600, additional costs were: VAT 140 EUR, duty fee 25 EUR (4.7%), customs clearance 17 EUR, and credit card fee 5 EUR (total 185 EUR).


      Expensive shipping. I remember it was cheaper two years ago. Some complicated schemes. I know that the delivery service delivers in more convenient ways. Either I don't understand something. I'm thinking about ordering a battery, but there's no way I can find the most convenient way.
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