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First e-bike and can't decide on these two

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    First e-bike and can't decide on these two

    Hello :)

    I love biking and do it on a daily basis (work-home), and last summer I did 75km per day and quite enjoyed it, although at the end of the day I was very exhausted. So I was thinking, maybe this summer I will try a longer commute over a longer period of days without getting exhausted :)

    I'm not going for those expensive bikes with a brand on them. I want both style and performance. I believe that with careful analyzing, some of those $2000 Chinese bikes would be a great alternative. Some people will probably advise me against that, but the branded bikes I like are all $5000+ and I don't have the budget for that :)

    What I can't decide between is this:
    or this:

    #2 is quite cheaper and it has BBSHD motor, but I calculated shipping and it's at $700, so the end price will be similar to #1.
    I did my research on the internet and I read that mid motors are the best for hills and especially that BBSHD. The area where I'm at is not very steep, but I plan for the future. While #2 has a hub motor, it's at 1500W which should be powerful enough for steeper hills?
    I also like the looks of #1 better. And it also has 2 batteries ending with 45Ah which is quite a bit more than #2. And having 150+km range sounds very appealing to me. I could easily bike those 150km, find a hotel, sleep and charge the batteries and continue next 150km, repeat.
    Also, #2 includes getting through Alibabas tedious process. They are geared towards companies, not individuals (even though it's not impossible for individuals to buy there).

    So, what do you guys suggest? :)
    Thanks in advance!

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      I would get a kit, like the BBSHD from Lunacycle, then you could put it on the bike you already have or a nice used bike with good components. The hardware and components on those cheap China Ebikes aren’t the best. I think they downgrade components to offer the bikes at lower price. The kits are easy to install yourself or by your LBS and you will save money overall on a better bike. check out my build here:


        Another vote on not considering China ebikes unless you are really certain that you are ordering from a trusted vendor.
        Trek Roscoe w/ BBS02, mt wheels, conti 700c tyres


          The link to your second choice doesn’t seem to be working but that first bike you list leaves me with some questions...
          first off, I would seriously doubt that their battery is 48vX45ah (over 2 kw hours in a rack batter?).
          Also, while fat tires are neat for off-roading, I can’t see you running them for 75 km per day...they soak up a lot of power and are not cheap to replace (which I would think would wear pretty fast on a that long daily commute.)