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Are you satisfied with your e-bike?

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    Are you satisfied with your e-bike?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a masters student in marketing and I'm currently writing my thesis about e-bikes. For this, I would like to find out if people perceive their e-bike (and conventional bicycles) differently depending on the type of trip they are making.

    If you could take a minute or five to fill in my survey I'd be forever grateful. You can find it here:

    It could be that the language is automatically set to Dutch (Nederlands). You can change this by clicking on it and select English instead.

    Thank you!

    I filled out the survey.

    One suggestion (which I also offered at the end of the survey) was to maybe narrow down what levels of "dissatisfaction" you may encounter--into categories.

    I suspect the greatest complaints (if your survey had allowed space for them) would be about having too little available range. When it comes to mainstream manufactured e-bikes, there's never enough to realistically replace someone's car--and the e-bike won't be used for longer trips because of this. What customers want, is three or four-hours capacity--at full-speed; full-assist--without having to recharge.

    You'd know it just as well as I do... Dutch people want to be able to go to the beach--and you're not going to ever pry them out of their cars, unless their e-bike is capable of getting them there and back again--on a single charge!

    Anyways, good luck with your thesis.

    Take care,

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      electricbike > essay have

      Hi, curious about your survey results and thesis in general. I study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and my upcoming project will be about an electric-assist bicycle system (BEAU). So right now I'm collecting all the materials needed for my research. The primary resource is A Bicycle Electric Assist Unit by Arthur Petron | MIT