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Fuji Wendigo Fat Tire BBSHD size?

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    Fuji Wendigo Fat Tire BBSHD size?

    I have a Fuji Wendigo Fat tire bike I am looking to install a BBSHD on. The BB measures in at exactly 100mm. There is little in the way of specifics on similar builds with this bike other than it has been done successfully. I am looking at the BBSHD 100mm versus 120mm. I figure clearance is going to be an issue on this fat tire bike with the chain stay bulging out a little further to accommodate the fat tires and will require some spacers/shims. Given that I figured the 120mm BBSHD was the way to go. What say you all? With spacers how likely am I to be left with the 12mm necessary on the left side if I were to go the 100mm route.

    I also planned on the 36 tooth luna one chainring.


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    I used the 100mm and a spacer. Worked great.

    I've built it 3 years ago and still love that bike.

    Only problem I have now is that the BBSHD seems bonded to the frame.
    Wanted to take it out to give it a service but it wouldn't budge.
    So maybe a good idea to use some copper grease or similar if you are planning on ever taking it off again.

    I bought a 30T mighty mini chainring but didn't like it a lot.
    Replaced it with a 36T Precialps ring and this is just perfect.


      Awesome. Thanks for the info. Should save me some trouble. I was leaning towards the 120mm but good to know the 100mm should work out better.

      I also heard the 36 tooth is a good sprocket for this bike.



        Wtf this is amazing. Thank u both so much. Bunch of folks said 120 was best but your bike is mine, rather is beautiful. Mine the dark green blue letters tho, 2017 2.1.. great to hear this works.

        Amazing pics too. Looking for 100 v 120 due to chain clearance. Currently have jumbo jims 4.8" and the tire rubs on the chain on the largest cog of the bicycle bracket... so my concerns were real. Eventually will change tires due to daily road use.

        great suggestion by them but this is what i had been asking for. Bought a used wendigo clearly ridden in the sand.. MD guy... so i got screwed but i love it all the same. Upgraded brakes so now just need to make the leap and my dilemna is/was yours...

        120 v 100....

        to the responder... thank you. To the original poster, thank you. We may be doing this goofy build "together". Still also in research process.

        hopefully once mounted it works without issue. Looking for the best 52v battery that when hooked up will not give errors or fly off when turning. So we will see.

        not a small purchase so all info rocks. Not many when u search WENDIGO

        Thanks all.


          Originally posted by WENDIGO WHEREDHEGO View Post
          Looking for the best 52v battery that when hooked up will not give errors or fly off when turning.
          Hailong 1 battery case 14S4P works well on the bike.

          TIP: Add 2 extra holes in downtube with rivets so that the battery is attached with 4 bolts. This way your battery won't come loose.

          Since the pictures been taking I upgraded to:
          2500W Ludicrous controller for the BBSHD (set at 2200W)
          Hailong 2 case with 14S5P and 40A BMS
          Magura MT5 front brakes with 203mm disc
          Magura MT4 rear brakes with 180mm disc
          Hope fatsno rear hub with steel freehub.

          There was a German company that used to sell the Wendigo with BBSHD