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Long Haul BBSHD Break Down Kit

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    Long Haul BBSHD Break Down Kit

    So If you were to do a cross country trip 4500+ miles what would you bring? Tools? Parts? Would you just pack a complete back up kit to replace anything? Would you pack 2 complete kits? would you opt to only bring spares of specific components? If so which ones and how many spares would you bring? Thinking this out in my head but thought it would be interesting to see everyones take on it.
    2018 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike BBSHD Build

    Looking back on last 4500 miles commuting i have seen no motor battery issues. Make sure all electrical connections are perfect and waterproof. Many bicycle issues. Chains derailleure cassettes. Igh. Brakes bent wheel rims and flat tires. And of course plugging in everyday.
    so considering that carry a pump, tube repair.12volt dc convertor for charging electronics lights. Spare chain. Cassette. Chain oil. Tool kit. Good rechargeable lights . dash cam. Cell phone. AAA towing , amazon prime
    Tent etc.
    do not use hot rod programming. Drive at bicycle speeds slow down in heat. Watch motor and battery temperatures.
    solar - battery capable of 100 miles per daty minimum. As we are discussing in another thread.