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    Fat bike tires

    Working on a quadracycle project. There are two different tread patterns that I want to buy, but they are not available individually. The only place I can get the tires is on Alibaba, and I have to buy them in bulk - 500 tires each style. I am internet savvy, and have spent many bleary eyed hours searching, to no avail.

    If anyone is interested in buying some of tires shown in the photos below, I would work on buying bulk quantity. I want to get both patterns for myself, but I have to buy 500 of each size, a total of 2,000 tires... I only want four tires.

    The big fat bike is a Mongoose Hitch. It came with the tires. I bought the tires for the Mongoose Kong bmx fat bike on Amazon. I recently ordered two more 20x4.0 and two 26x4.0 of the same pattern for the quad. The tires I received looked like Kenda Juggernauts with Mongoose labels. The part numbers on the labels matched, but different tires. I contacted Mongoose. They said their online sales department has to update Amazon to show the different tread pattern.

    I really want the flame pattern tires! The flame pattern is only available in 20 x 4 1/4. I will have to pay for molds to make 26 x 4 1/4. I am in process of ordering samples of the flame pattern tire to check the quality.

    The photo of the quadracycle (build still in progress) has the Bafang BBSHD mid drive I bought from Luna Cycle. :D . I took the motor out of the red fat bike. I am using furniture grade colored pvc pipe. With the seat nearly on top of the rear axle the quad should be VERY light on the front end. If the frame can withstand the torque, it's possible it might be a wheel stander. I am making wheelie bars... just in case.

    The quad will have a Samagaga differential with 7 speed cassette, Bitex recumbent / trike hubs up front.
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