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charger stoped working, help

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    charger stoped working, help

    Why is my charger not working? The light comes on but it will not start charging. The green light stays on, I am stranded can't go any where with out the charger working.

    Fiddling around with it I discovered that it is another loose wire! your wires are horribly dysfunctional! when I get home today I will scrap the XT60 and use an Anderson 45amp! except for the fact that connecting anything to the million stand silicone covered wire will be almost impossible.....

    I sapose there is no point in asking you guys at luna to remedy these problems before they start is there? after all I must be the only person that ever has a problem with your wiring....sure that must be it.
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    Ok so on close examination I don't see anything wrong with the way it was soldered. But the rear cap was left off of the connector. This places stress on the wires. But as usual it can't be the fault of the manufacturer, just the way I use it right?

    Yet this is good for my 70 year old brain, if I don't figure out how to fix it I can't go any where. I highly recommend people to keep using their brains at my age. Even if I do need more sleep and more sugar and caffeine. I hate cars more than any amount of work on my Ebike.

    So once I looked for the XT60 that came with the battery, it turns out to be the wrong end. So I got to recycle the offending connector. But my camera stopped focusing close enough!


      now I need a new fan for there any one on this forum???


        Hi - is the fan screeching or perhaps it just stopped? You might try digikey for a replacement.

        If you're tired of the issues you've come across with the unit, you might want to move on and buy one of the simpler, no-fan versions. I've had no failures with the four chargers I have of this type. I'd link to an example but I don't know out what voltage charger you're using.
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          I tried several times to get lunacycle to give me the volatage and nothing was said. some how I get the feeling that they don't know or don't want me to know. So I am just going to assume that it uses 110 ac .

          it is less than one year old, I can't go out and buy another adjustable [end voltage] charger.
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