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Need replacement connector for removable integrated downtube Battery

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    Need replacement connector for removable integrated downtube Battery

    Hello, newbie Luke Wood here lurking for months but first time poster . . .

    This sight seems to know everything about all aspects of e-biking Maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. and I'm need of help!

    Here is the issue:

    The female battery connector on one of my batteries has been damaged and needs replacing . . . I have not been able to find the exact connector needed as the the male portion of the connector is integral to the down tube and both batteries must match, etc. I have emailed the battery manufacturer (TLH) and have not received a response after a week. I can see the exact battery (Click HERE) on the TLH product page and am assuming the connection configuration is the same as mine . . .

    I was able to jury rig a heavy-duty tinfoil liner inside the hole which allows the battery to be used temporarily but the foil breaks down after 20-30 miles and needs replacing . . . Not a good fix, but it works as backup battery until I can find the part needed . . .

    Images show details . . .

    Any help locating a source for replacement would be appreciated as this battery is only a few months old and otherwise like new . . . All I need is the connector as my grandson is a NASA certified solder technician and familiar with working on Lithium batteries and can do the work . . .

    Thanks, Hopefully someday I might by able to offer help . . .

    Luke Wood
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    With it being so difficult to locate, I personally would change it out to a style that is more easily found. Even at the expense of it looking a bit less factory. Does not look like it has a very high Amperage output with such small contacts. Would need more info to give a recommendation.


      That might be a version of the HIGO 6-pin (4+2) connector, similar to this one.

      Click image for larger version

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          You can find replacement battery ( click here ) from BSL battery manufacturer, they respone quickly.


            I would do both ends while you are at it. If it was loose enough to damage one end to the point it quit working the the other end isn't going to be in perfect shape anymore either so it could end up further damaging itself along with what ever you plug into it.