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    New Dude Hello!

    Hello all, I've been on the ebike scene for about 5 yrs now..... with stealth, sondors, then some home built units.

    Current Stable:
    Stealth Fighter for my wife
    Flux (futr) home built Beta 2500watt single track machine
    and latest purchase - sur ron X from Luna-tic-cycle guys. Just getting the sur-ron dialed in to my liking.... seat risers, riser bars, etc.... love the tq and hill climb capability of the sur-ron.

    Cheers from Houston,

    Oh and have to chuckle.... I DID unbox the sur ron like a 5 yr old and rode it down the trails....... after which point I broke the pedal crank, and nukes the pedal bearings.... so you should read the instructions..... and and got a flat too.

    ** I discovered a 220 lb man should not fly over a 3' jump whilst standing on the cheapo plastic pedal kit with no lube!!! glad I did not plant my right foot into the ground.... the pedal gave away gracefully as if to say.... we got you this one time :)

    New aftermarket cranks on order - found these unicycle cranks on amazon for cheap -

    Also found a replacement bearing kit on amazon -

    And putting some decent pedals on her -

    packed the bottom bracket bearings with quality axle grease..... then put it on a vise..... and use blue lock tite on the end caps..... then hooked up a 1/2" driver and pushed the rpm up on the shaft.... then re-tq the bearing again....... all bedded in and smooth now.
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    Jeff what’s up, I knew I recognized your screen name. RAS X2 right?


      Hey Jason. Did we ride the gen 2 x2 at world finals???


        No, unfortunately Ive never had a opportunity to pilot a Gen2. I know Rob and saw the build a couple different times while in the infancy stages. I also followed the history of the ski through your ownership @ PWCT as well. That’s why your screen name jumped out at me. Sill riding?


          Hate to say that ras motor never ran right. I ended up putting a nice limited sxr 800 in it and it ran great!

          sold all my boats

          looking for a limited sxr800 for next summer.


            I remembered reading about the engine swap and related issues. Anyways have you been enjoying the Sur Ron? Great to see around.


              Hello and welcome


                ...would love to see some pics bro.

                peace, SOG


                  Did someone say pics???Click image for larger version

Name:	flux.jpg
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	sur ron jc.jpg
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                      Interesting comparo -

                      Sur ron - hard hitting tq machine. Hunched over dirt bike
                      5500 watts
                      dnw forks
                      mid drive motor
                      $3500 purchase price

                      futr (aka flux beta) w/hub motor - super mtn bike
                      2500 watts
                      fox forks
                      hub motor
                      $3500 build before forks