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Never owned a Ebike, want to convert Roam Disc 1 2018, for BBSDH .

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    Never owned a Ebike, want to convert Roam Disc 1 2018, for BBSDH .

    update ( build coming along. however the motor is moving out of place and has a bit of a wobble . it just does not sit perfect in the bbracket . im going to try some shim sheets, or stock attempting to fill that extra space. and maybe one or two spacers to see if that helps to level it on the left or right . the motor dips under its own weight and from pedaling . Im going to try some metal zip ties and maybe a metal brace from luna or another site.

    Hi im John . I guess my first question is , has someone reading this done this conversion or know what i should do ?
    Never used a kit before and this is my first attempt . Hope to hear from people of this great forum .

    all i really know is the one Bottom Bracket measurement of 68 ,mm .

    I was warned that the chain wont align that a bbs02 would suffice .

    I'm also not sure where to source the motor or battery. Luna Cycle out of stock of bbs02
    and sort of in a rush to get this before funds dry up.

    Be willing to do some work if bbshd is a option for this bike .

    Hope to hear from experienced kit users or mechanics thanks .

    This bike was a hand me down . size Large.

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    I don't see why either the BBS02B or BBSHD wouldn't fit. There are chainrings available for each to help correct chainline issues. I got my BBS02B kit from Amazon, the seller was Junstar. I had a display fail after a month or so and they had no problem honoring their 1 year warranty. Motor kits ship from California or Nevada I can't remember which.
    For the battery I used Unit Pack Power from Amazon.


      Greetings - glad you found the forum!

      If the Roam I and II frames are the same, you can likely reference Luna's NLA Roam Fusion build, here. It looks like it would be a straight-forward install with a 68-73mm BBSHD motor, and there's plenty of room for either a bottle boss mount or triangle battery.

      If there's room for Luna's two piece Eclipse chainring (there probably is), I'd purchase it it instead of the Lekkie 42 Luna used.

      Electrify Bike appears to have some BBS02 inventory - with which I'd use the Lekkie 40 chainring.
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        Update : had my first ride today on this Luna kit build. As a novice , i had reasonable expectations. I can say for the first run, the bbshd Luna kit met them and exceeeded it by a bit.
        This build is not over powered. However it performed well. My weight is at 240 bls. i can see this motor becoming more efficient as i lose weight .
        I do a lot of peddling along . I use throttle sparingly and coupled with peddling up some inclines . but I do like it . worked well for the first run . did not take it very far.

        will make changes with neat wiring and get a better seat and short stem . still much to learn .
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          Looks good. I would suggest going with a shorter stem before the seat. Just a change in posture can make a seat feel different.

          What chainring did you go with?


            Wow I bet lots of people are jealous of how much space you have in that frame. Lots of room for activities. You can always go to a dire wolf once your ass hour capacity exceeds the amp hour capacity of the regular wolf pack.

            I now see why I think it was you that mentioned the derailleur position. I too have kept them on bikes that had them but dropped them down real close or even closer than they would have been in loose to kind of act as a partial chain guard an d guide. Both the ones I did was with the stock 46 ring so maybe it worked out less well with a 42. Is that a Lekkie 42 with no printing on it or one of the knockoffs? If its a knockoff I will be curious to hear how it holds up I have heard they wear really fast and flex a lot.


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              I got it from aliexpress. 42T- its a off-brand I guess . Unsure . Could it be what Lekkie uses but just branding ?

              cost was $ 73.47

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              I am under the impression that Lekkie make their own in house. I know there is a near copy that I believe is made in England. I never searched too hard for knock offs though.

            Originally posted by Dshue View Post

            What chainring did you go with?

            42 tooth off brand from ali express. how it will hold up remains to be seen. It works .


              The problem with knockoff chainrings is the use of unknown (soft) alloys, and lack of heat treating. This makes a huge difference on an aluminum part running against a steel chain.
              Things I would look into doing are some Schwalbe ECE75 (50kph-30mph ) rated tires. I would go a size or 2 up for lower pressure. Then seriously consider replacing the front brake with a 200mm DH rated hydraulic setup. A BBSHD can overheat small hydraulic brakes, and the failure mode is to boil the fluid and complete loss of braking. These will almost always be 4 piston brakes.
              Most people here end up with a linkage type suspension seatpost also. This and the bigger low pressure tires help control the bike at the higher speeds it's capable of.
              Sheldon brown's Gear Calculator can help you choose casette and chain ring combinations based on how you ride
              For gear units select Speed@90RPM. You can enter several chainrings at once to see what works for you. I like to gear for 30mph@90RPM for road use.
              The torque of the BBSHD and the 1x setup will both favor a wide range casette. Sunrace is affordable. This is important because it's now a wearing part.