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Greetings from the roasted armpit known as the Northwest :)

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    Greetings from the roasted armpit known as the Northwest :)

    All Joke aside, Im hailing to you all from Washington State, Puget Sound region
    We did just survive some awful heat (which wasnt helped by the fact that humidity jumped to 60% overnight when i would open the windows to try naturally cooling the apartment)

    Anyway. Im Matthew. I'm a semi-DIY electric 'biker'. I cant actually ride a 'traditional' (diamond frame) bike due to a blown MCL in 2018 that was misdiagnosed as a meniscus tear until it was too late to actually fix (I've lost 15% of use of that knee and im not even 30 yet). But right before i tore my knee, i had found a really cool 1984 (ish) DeFelice 2 wheeled recumbent at my local used bike shop (that also doubled as a DIY repair shop for the community, which i frequented and upgraded my bike plenty of times). So i was in luck. I instantly found love in recumbents (despite the glaring issue of being very low slung that some idiots dont see me, as i was actually hit on that bike once and ended up in the ER. My laptop bag still has the tears in its front pocket from when the net cover came off the basket and it got dragged across the pavement in the crash.).

    But i survived and spent my tax refund to rehab that bike to rideable condition again, only to have it be destroyed in a vandalism at my complex around the holidays in 2019 ( it was parked in the designated bike area, and i was unable to ride due to a recent shoulder surgery). My renters insurance stepped up though, saying because i had a letter saying all bikes had to be parked in that designated areas, the damage was covered under my renters insurance plan. But since DeFelice doesnt make bikes anymore, i couldnt just get a replacement. Originally insurance wanted to get me a 2 wheeled recumbent, but my orthopedic doctor wrote a letter encouraging a 3 wheeled (or tadpole) recumbent. Which lead to my insurance replacing my damaged bike with a brand new 2020 folding moon rock Silver Catrike 559 (i only had to pay the $500 deductible for it).

    When i moved to Washington State, i knew i couldnt get the hills done on my own, so I got a BBS02 kit from Luna Cycle (and may have sent one unpleasant message when i realized that the connector coming off the motor was poles, not anderson like the extending cables i had bought). But i have learned a valuable skill in crimping (and doing the heatshrink butt connector) because of it, so im grateful in the end. i also moved my flag mount to behind my seat and added all sorts of reflective tape to the backside of the fender and rack (which seems to be working as cars give me space when they can).
    but then i retore my shoulder (same one that had just been repaired only 9 months earlier) and was off my bike from November to May (due to restrictions and surgery). i would pput the back end of my trike into a stand and just run the motor here and there to prevent it from getting all gummy or stopped up and to keep the chain in good order.

    But when i got cleared to ride again, i noticed some parts already needed some maintenance. As part of this, I decided to upgrade to the BBSHD because i was noticing that even in the granny gear, i was pushing my BBS02 with some of the hills and was tired of almost burning my leg when i was getting off my trike. the HD has been a godsend, but doesnt quite runs as smooth in PAS as the BBS02 did (may need to tweak a few settings).

    Im a grad student studying for a Masters in Public Admin with a healthcare focus (after spending 4 years working with the homeless, substance abuse addicted and survivors of sexual assaults')

    Welcome. I visited my son in Fife, WA a few years ago. He has since move to TX, but has told me he may move back to the NW.
    "My favorite childhood memory is Having Energyā€¯ -Libby Harper