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My ebike journey starts today

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    My ebike journey starts today

    Hi all.
    ive finally got myself on the ebike ladder. I've just bought my first and I'm sure it won't be my last. It's only an old hardtail mountain bike with a 1000w 48v front hub kit but it was cheap and it's even more fun than I was expecting. I'm in love already.

    I'm hoping for some help on identifying the exact kit installed, PAS info, and info on compatible parts etc.

    Which subforum (DIY, troubleshooting etc) would be best for me to post pics and ask my questions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe I'm missing it in this post, but what brand and model motor is it? As to the "more fun than expected"...that's pretty much the common theme in most people's experiences with first time ebike exposure. They are generally a real hoot. As to specific forum sections, I find some value in just about all of them, even though they may not have exact, direct connections to what I'm doing. But yes, for specific questions about your exact application it helps to stay in bounds of the section specialty. Those categories you have highlighted in blue are pretty good starters for your case and should provide more than enough input and info that should be helpful.


      Thanks for the quick response.

      Yeah I don't know the model or kit, that's one of the things I'm trying to figure out.
      The wheel with the hub motor says CHAMPION on the rim in red text.

      I've done some googling and have found the same rim (and possibly same hub) is supplied in many different kits with different branding (Sampson, sfeomi, zelus, hanSemay and other Chinese rebrands).
      i don't know who made the motor or which kit I have.

      There's no markings on the hub and the only sticker on the controller box just says '48v1000w'.
      It's a cheap very generic kit. Any ideas?

      And yeah, I've done 1000s of miles on mountain bikes, a few thousand on 100cc scooters, 125cc road bikes and a 200cc off road bike but this might beat them all in terms of the fun-factor.

      Thanks again.


        Posting a pic might help. I'm not a hub motor guy as far as experience or data, but there are lots here on these sub-sections. Since this appears to be factory built bike, I'd just post questions in "General" until you need something more specific on the bike and components. The DIY sections are usually best for conversions and such that the owner has assembled.

        Edit to ask...I'm not asking as a "watt nazi"...just curious. Will you have problems in the UK with a 1000 watt motor? I'm guessing that is only an issue on public roads...or is it?


          No worries. Thanks for the input. I'll post questions and pics in the DIY forum as it's definitely a conversion kit. It's just that the old guy I bought it off built it 3 years ago and doesn't know/remember any details.

          Lol... Thanks for letting me know there's such a thing as "watt-Nazis". Are they people who hate 1000w bikes due to power output laws? Or do they look down on 1000w bikes because it's not enough power?
          I'm hoping I won't have any legal issues by staying off the radar.... My bike looks like a 90s mountain bike with paniers on the back... I'll be riding only on the roads and keeping my speed down, but where I live there are kids and wannabe gangsters doing 30+ mph on pavements(sidewalks) on stealth bomber type bikes.... I'm hoping the police will concentrate on them and leave me alone.
          Thanks again for the help. Any advice, I'm all ears. Cheers.
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            I believe for the most part no matter what the rules and laws are if you just look like a person on a bicycle and are moving at speeds in the range of a bicycle when around any other people you will be fine. If your bike looks more like a motorbike and is moving at motorbike speeds in places where there should not be motorbikes is when you may be in trouble. When I'm around anything that isn't a car I'm going bicycle speeds, sometimes getting passed by people on non E bikes so I really don't stand out at all.


              That's basically what I'm thinking and what I plan to do. Ride sensibly, at least until nobody's looking.