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    Hello hello

    Hi gang.
    Long time reader, first time post-er...well sort of. I realized I never introduced myself.

    I've been riding two wheels for some time and as a tall dude have loved the Electra Townie. I had one version that was offered with a front fork and shipped it to Europe when I lived over there. It got stolen. Now I'm seeing the townie ebikes around Socal and think I may have to convert my current one some time.
    I mean, it's in the name already right?

    Lately I've gotten more into low key cruising and brewery or food truck outings now that I'm back in Cali.

    I'm in the middle of a Luna BBSHD build and hope that I'll get some help along the way. I'm a newb on the electric kit but have been pouring through the forums and online discussions so the subject is starting to click.

    I'll attach a pic of the concept I'm going to try to create for myself on this Buzzraw X model I got some months back.
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    Probably going to go with something more flat, less angled up at the back, and probably a combo of the teal-blue concept shape with sheets versus tubes like the red framing. But I haven’t found a fabricator yet that I can commission to help yet. So who knows how this will end up!


      Welcome. I hope the build goes well.
      "I need another SimuLatte"


        Thanks Wheelbender6! I’ve been making progress.
        I’m not sure which forum channel I should post in though. I suppose I should start a thread to share the process I’m going through.