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    hello all

    Walley here I just joined today I got a couple of post already up trying to get some question answered I on my 3rd ebike DIY Ive be riden for more then 10 years ebikes anyways
    my 1st was a specalist enduro that stolen in cali when I lived there it had a 1500w hub motor 52v 40ah of batteries that was capable of doing 35 mph

    2nd is a Turner DHR a BHDHD mid drive with 52v 40ah top speed tops out 32 mph do to preprogram restrictions its a work in progress like all DIY projects LOL

    3rd is a STEALTH Clone its got a 3000w motor 60amp controller in it I cant get it to work right now I have plans to upgrade this to a 8000w QS 273 motor an a 200amp controller might go more I gotta see how fast this is on the dirt an sand

    I got a bunch questions Ill be posting soon

    Hi, and welcome to the forum - with the fleet!