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Greetings from Lethbridge, Alberta

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    Greetings from Lethbridge, Alberta

    I built a custom tricycle 2 years ago and installed a 500 watt, 48 volt BBS02B mid-drive on it. I ride it all year even in -30C + wind weather. Snow and ice are no problem with the 2 wheel "Russian posi-trac" diff delivering power to both rear wheels. Those are 48 spoke, double wall steel rims on 3/4" cold rolled axles spinning in 3/4" pillow blocks. The fork is a Marcelli triple crown shocked fork on a 24" wheel. Frame is 2" X .188 wall mild steel HSS. It's a truck not a racer

    Below see pics of the beast in my shop, motor off and laying on the seat with controller off for inspection. Yep, that's my old office chair because I not only like being comfortable I deserve it and she's a hard-tail :) Oh, and it keeps the wind off my back. The plastic tote on the rear deck carries groceries, camping gear, tools, tire pump, road kill, etc. When the tote is full, cargo goes on a trailer to tow behind.

    I signed up to this forum to get advice on diagnosing a motor problem. Since this is just an intro to the wonderfulness of me and all that I build <groan>, I will post more in the appropriate forum later. Been measuring voltages and checking continuity and.... well,..,., you'll see.

    Hahaha that's a true frankenbeast

    Good stuff... I used to spend time up in Calgary for my business and coming from AZ all I can say is... yeah I know it's Canada but it really is cold - which week is summer? =]


      We decided to drop the pretense that we have summer as it wasn't fooling anybody. We now recognize only 2 seasons: winter and road-work-time. During winter it's too cold to lay asphalt, repair bridges, etc. so we wait until the ground thaws and call that road-work-time.


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        That's same thing they told me when I spent a spell in Wisconsin (Eau Claire)