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  • AltaBrad
    Welcome! I'm in Lethbridge, Alberta, riding a Bafang powered e-trike I built from the ground up based on a design I found at the Atomic Zombie website. It's a delta design Franken-freighter.

    I saw my first reverse e-freighter last Fall. It was imported from Netherlands and built to take a wheelchair between the front wheels. Hydraulics raise the wheel chair and its passenger off the ground a few inches. Rear wheel steering like a forklift. Nobody combines simplicity, functionality and elegance quite like the Dutch.

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  • ynot
    started a topic Glad to arrive

    Glad to arrive

    Hello, live in BC Canada and have a reverse freighter trike which I brought back from Mexico, those of you who have spent time in Mexico will be familiar with the yellow trikes that are ubiquitous.
    Have a couple of ex jump bike hubs that am planning to install, and will use a 10s battery built using 5 leaf modules. Need a couple of Bafang controllers for them.
    Also have an old iron frame ebike that has a 250 watt 36V rear hub and am in the process of putting one of the Bafang jump bike hubs on the front forks, am happy with the speed of the bike, but in my advancing years need a little more help on the hills.