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Hello from a newbie who's curious!

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    Hello from a newbie who's curious!

    Hey everyone! I joined in a while ago out of curiosity because I see a lot of electric bikes out on the street lately, but I never got the chance to browse. Now that I finally have some free time on my hands, I'll be having a look around and gushing at whatever I find cool, maybe asking the occasional dumb question here and there.

    Hope I manage to fit in!

    Hi austin90. Welcome aboard. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge and no shortage of opinions around here, and dumb can be easily accommodated. ( I speak from experience) All the best with you ebike journeys


      Greetings austin90, and welcome to the forums. Most here (and on the Endless Sphere forums) are DIYers, as in taking a stock bike and motorfying it or if you're really dumb like me, building a bike from the "spokes up" (the least cost effective way).

      You'll find many builds documented here and here. The actual build is usually not that hard, given mechanical skills and some bike specific tools - that is if you've done the up-front research and/or measurements to make sure your desired motor system you've got your eye on will fit whatever bike you've selected. Since we're here are mostly (but not only) middle drive motor biased, that's what most of the builds will be about.

      A thought on bike selection - older is often better, but old WITH disc brakes. Ultra light, carbon street race bikes are not desirable. The mid motors you'll see here can brutalize the bike with 5 times the force (or much more) what bicycles are usually designed for, and add a lot of weight by themselves - a weight best placed as close to the wheel axle line as possible.

      If your wondering of bike XYZ is a good candidate, post the question and photographs (or online references) of the bottom bracket area and the forum members will likely comment. Also, be specific as you can (your terrain, your intended load weight, road and/or trail, bike storage and recharging, etc).
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