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  • austin90
    Welcome to the forums! I'm a bit of a recent member myself, and definitely not very knowledgeable on e-bikes but I still do have fun browsing and seeing what everyone is up to.

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  • Rad45
    started a topic Greetings


    I bought a 24 volt EVG bike back in 2006 - 14 mph and 10 miles range without pedaling. Bought another one for parts soon after. At 10,000 miles, third controller and second motor, added two more SLA batteries on the rear rack for 48 volts and a Crystalyte motor/controller. Upped the range to 15 miles at 20 mph without pedaling. Just recently at 18,500 miles bought a 52 volt, 12 amp hour battery from Bicycle Motor Works (40T cells). The battery fits within the old battery box. Range is now 25 miles at 20 mph without pedaling and shaved 25 pounds off the bike's weight. Anyone with questions about EVG bikes, I might be able to help or steer you in the right direction.

    I have a regular road bike, but 3 - 4 miles is all I can do before these worn out knees rebel. Then I hobble around for a few days. On the electric bike, I usually use the motor most of the time, assisting it up hills to conserve electrons. I still get some workout. I live in the country, middle of nowhere, no traffic. Five miles to the nearest small town (pop 2000), 17 miles to a decent size one (pop 20,000). I know all the parks that leave the power on to their pavilions. ;)