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I just bought BBSHD kit...Oh Boy!

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    I just bought BBSHD kit...Oh Boy!

    My name is David, I live in Columbia MD (between Baltimore and Washington DC) and I want to get into ebiking and try and get in shape. My current shape is round.

    I'm going to try and build a bike that can get me to and from work. Hopefully it all goes well. I have no experience fixing or building bikes. But I need to do something to get into shape so I'm going to try and figure it out.

    I ordered the motor kit and a battery off Aliexpress. Should be here soon. I'm a bit nervous I might screw it up but hopefully I don't. I'm desperate to get in shape since I am morbidly obese and need to do something to change that. People may think if the guy needs to get in shape, why get an ebike? Trust me, I won't make it more than a mile on my own steam. I'm getting winded just typing this lol. I am that far gone. But little by little I hope to turn my fitness around.

    Welcome to the forum, Amigo109. And as for body, er ... shape, as the author Daniel Pinkwater put it, "I'm not fat, I'm diametrically disadvantaged!"

    There are lots of successful BBSHD installs documented here. If / when you've got questions or concerns, just ask - and please be as specific as you're comfortable with about what bike you're working with. Post pictures too. The collective "we" likely have seen it or others like it. Also, be willing to purchase the right bicycle / Bafang specific tools, as they usually make the build completion easier and neater. There may also be other, recommended safety-related tweaks or upgrades needed for you now much faster bike.
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      Thanks Ncmired. I bought a barely used Sirrus - X in size Medium for the bike to convert. It's got a big open triangle in the frame to hopefully fit the 20ah battery I have on order. 68mm BB and comes with a single crank up front so putting in the Bafang crank should be about as painless as possible. Im going from 40T chainring that came on it up to a 42T with the Bafang. I'm not sure if I will need a chain swap for the very slightly bigger 42T bafang ring. I'm hoping not. I could have selected a 40T from the vendor I bought the motor kit from, but if I'm using this for commuting and the hills are not too steep, I figured a little more speed would be nice. I ordered a second chain just in cast I need to swap it. There's a shimano 11 speed cassette on the back end, so even in a 1x system I should have the gearing to get me over moderate hills.

      I'm 315 I got the 1000w BBSHD 52V and the 20ah battery. I also bought a gear shift cable so if I can get it installed to cut power during shifts and hydraulic brake sensors instead of levers for the disk brakes. The controller is 860C. I chose that since it has a native 52v mode, I thought it my be less problems with my 52v system. Time will tell. If this build works out, I'll do a build for my kids bikes as well.

      I'm not rolling in money, in fact, I'm a cheapskate haha. But I wanted something decent. I could have bought a new ebike for what this is costing me but hopefully going this route I have a better end product.