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First E-Bike - We built 2

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    First E-Bike - We built 2

    Hello people. My son and I have been wanting to build a motor powered bike for a number of years. We've almost started a couple of times, even buying the parts, but just never took the time away from other projects/work to complete any. We both own 2 businesses together, so work really has to come first and then we both have far too many personal interests I think. Well all that has changed. Doing the research over this past year or so, we both decided to go with a mid drive electric setup. Ordered the parts a few weeks back and then changed our minds in mid-shipment to upgrade to the the HD version. Luna Cycles was more than happy to help, and actually stop the shipment in mid-stream and as soon as they seen it was stopped, they allowed us to place a brand new order and only charged us the difference for the upgrade. As I mention, we own a couple of business, one is an online business, and I can tell you that not many will do what Luna Cycle did for us. Top notch.

    So, anyway we now have a couple of new builds under way, but still have a bit of tinkering to get all of it completed. We have them rideable and have taken jaunts to our shop and back. They both are quite nice and very powerful. We bought shift sensors with the kits, but neither of us can install them. My son's has too short wires and mine simply will not work with my Shimano/Nexus 8 cabling. We also bought the Luna Aluminum Chain Ring Adapter With 42T Sprocket, but neither of our bikes can use them as they are too shallow an offset. But, both bikes seem to work very nicely with the stock sprocket included with the kits, so I guess we will see if it's possible to return the sprockets and the sensors.

    We both love to do motorcycle camping, and one of the big reasons for doing these electric bikes is to do some bike camping. I bought a Bob trailer a couple years back for this, but have never used it because all of the places I would take it were just too far away to pedal for me. Now, I am pretty much unlimited as I have the means to actually charge my batteries with a super small generator I can carry along in the Bob trailer. Gonna be fun.

    Well, that's about it. I would suppose I will post a few more times as things develop that might be of interest to some.

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    Welcome to the forum Marjamer. looking forward to seeing photos of your finished builds. We have been compiling a list of compatible bikes with build threads and your bikes with the chain ring issues are the types of build that we are looking at documenting to prevent other customers from making the same purchasing mistakes. Yes it shouldn't be a problem in returning the chain ring for a store credit.


      Welcome. How fun, building AND commuting with your son.

      I bet you could not only return the unused parts, but credit them toward a couple of Eclipse chainrings, which have more offset. If you like those and think they will fit. They have a bit more offset than the stock ones. But if the stock ones work fine, no need - they are nice pieces though!
      Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.