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    My name's Matt. I live in the lowlands of Scotland, and work for the ambulance service.

    I've been looking at ebikes and kits for a while. The current high prices have been preventing me from taking the plunge.

    A few days ago a friend offered me a kit that he'd not got round to using for pennies. So I bought it.

    Now I'm beginning to understand why he "never got round to it" and that it's not exactly a "kit".

    So here I am. I'll be posting a load of requests for help in the relevant technical forums shortly. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi first.

    Welcome. I know what you mean. I only have half an eBike and already spent many many times what my bike cost me. People here are eager to offer tips. So post pics of what you plan and soon you will have tons of info to help you out. :)


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      Hi Matt, welcome from the hills of Pa. This forum is the place for the help you seek. what stts said.

      just have lots of pennies ready to make yer dream come true