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Hey new here, my plan is as follows

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    Hey new here, my plan is as follows

    I am here to build an electric scooter, but realize the similarity of components on an ebike.

    I need info on hub motors



    regenerative electric systems

    and materials used to build a very lightweight frame

    Grin Technology is the place to go for hub motor and regen info. Mid drives almost always have a front freewheel that doesn't allow regen.

    They also have an Ebike simulator that may or may not be useful.
    Our ebike motor simulator allows you to easily simulate the different performance characteristics of different ebike setups - with a wide selection of hub motors modeled, and the ability to add custom batteries and controllers and set a wide variety of vehicle parameters you'll be able to see how factors such as throttle level, bike weight, hill grade and many more directly affect the performance of an ebike. You can even compare two different setups at a glance and at higher power levels and hill grades you'll even get an estimation of how long it would take the motor to overheat!


      Super light weight scooter deck with 8.5" wheels, front wheel being at least 800Watt motor. Am I going to want a 3 phase motor? I still don't know the advantage.


        Welcome! I just came in to add that all the kids around here run rear wheel drive scooters so they can do power wheelies everywhere they go. Seems like they all ride ninebot maxes from some defunct scooter rental company; they all have pink wheels.

        I realize this may be non-sequitur, but it sure looks fun!


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          The latest thing here are the one wheel electric unicycle type things. Those guys usually have helmets, AND crash pads. I guess your nose is the brake pad on those.