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Some pb with my Easy bike

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    Some pb with my Easy bike

    I live in the south of France and have just bought a second-hand electric bike. This electric-assist bike dates from 2003 and is made by Easy Bike. I need help to better understand how the electrical system works and what the upgrade options are.

    2003 is pretty early for E bikes. That could even be before 'brushless' motors got common which has been the standard for many years now. If jts just a plain DC motor none of the current typical ebike controllers will work.


    • dirtman
      dirtman commented
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      2024 is also becoming early for Electric Pedal assist Bikes, E-Street & E-Dirt bikes, E-Cars, E- Boats & E-Aircraft.
      Trying to figure out the electrical problem with my 2020-Light bee.
      One of the tech`s I contacted advised me to sell it because soon they`ll be coming out with
      solid state batteries and Improved products.

    • AZguy
      AZguy commented
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      Solid state batteries and other pipe dreams are decades away (if ever) of being practical, economical and widespread... there will only be incremental improvements year-to-year... how do I know? It's *always* been this way and always will be... it takes decades for big improvements - e.g. first Li-ion batteries were demonstrated in 60's and 70's and commercial cells patented in the 80's and became available in the 90's...and the improvement in electro-chemical cells is already reaching asymptotic improvement so the advancements will more likely slow - it's not a moore's law sort of thing...

      They will never be practical, economical and widespread for aircraft (at least any kind of carrying over distance) density of a Li-ion is <1/30 of fuel and even if it triples (the theoretical limit) it's still way too low...

      Waiting only makes sense if what's available today doesn't suit your requirements....