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Hello from Mass.

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    Hello from Mass.

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ID:	1964 finding this site and ordering BBSHD. Can"t wait to get it Friday and try it out. Awesome website with a lot of great articles. Have several hub motors and commute exclusively by ebike. Have 4 rear hub motor bikes and a velomobile which is a 3 wheeler . Want to try a mid drive because getting flats and removing rear wheel with hub motor is a pain at 4am in the middle of winter especially. I posted a couple pictures of my fleet :).
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    Welcome! I'll bet Mass will be beautiful in one or two months....


      Nice collection you have going there. Is that a custom double front rim I see on the fat bike? What's the story on that?
      Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


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        No the rim just has holes in it and they rap the inside rim so they use different colors I guess it's to make it lighter weight

      Yeah, I'm beginning a mid-drive too, after using hub motors for about four years (which will undoubtedly continue as well).

      About flats, I've never had one in all of those four years. I use the Schwalbe Marathon and Rubena Walrus tires, which have a built-in tire liner within the tires. And I add a tire liner with them too.

      But these Fat Bike wheels may not have any tires like that available yet. So, I'd certainly look for a Fat Tire liner in the marketplace, or fashion one out of something if I were using wide rims like that.

      Yeah, this forum is cool.


      PS: Gee, I guess there are Fat Bike tire liners, as a quick Amazon search reveals.
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      • DrDave
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        I'll put in a second thumbs up for Schwalbe tires...they're great!!

      hi there i have a question for you guys im looking into getting a electric motor for my 2011 giant revel 3, mostly for hill climbs as i live in a town that has no flat land lol, I was wondering what would be the easiest and most efficient bike motor i can get for that bike, must be a simple installation and fairly cheap as im on a budget. thanks and comments would be much appreciated


      • days6comfortbike
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        I just built one with the BBS HD 1000 watt mid drive and it has awesome torque was going to get the BB SO2 but I just wanted heavier-duty electronics and I'm so glad I did I love the motor. It is great on Hills for sure.


      "Cheap", "easiest", and "hill climbing" don't really go together.

      I mean, you can get something "cheap" that will be less than a "good " solution.

      Is that what you want?

      I'll suggest that you consider these two main components:

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      There would be a few more incidental costs, like a charger.

      So, that would put it at a little over 1K. It would undoubtedly be a straightforward installation, and the 48v battery would read correctly for the Bafang display.

      Please let us all hear what you finally get and how it goes for you.


      • bwalker391
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        thanks for the reply! that set up would have no problems going my 2011 giant revel 3? also do you know the potential speeds you would be able to reach and how far you would be able to go on that set up (km) wise? really appreaite all the info you gave me also where would I be able to purchase?
        thanks again brad

      Bafang BBS02 48V 500/750W Mid Drive Kit
      - Power/Current Setting 750W, 25A
      - Low Voltage Cut 41V LVC for 47/48V (13S LI, 15S LFP)
      - Chain Wheel 44T
      - Throttle Type Right Thumb (Type 1)
      - Ebrakes Standard Brake Levers
      - Push Button Ebrake With Push Button
      - Display Type C961
      BBS02_48_500-750 1 $479.00 $479.00
      46.8V Samsung Frame Pack (7.6, 8.2, 9.8 & 11.0Ah Options)
      - Charger 1pc 54.6V 2A Charger
      - Configuration Standard-22P, 47V 8.6Ah
      - Charger Plug USA
      13SFRAME 1 $379.00 $379.00
      Sub-Total: $858.00
      Canada SAL (Weight: 11.60kg): $107.10
      Total: $965.10


        also have you guys heard of EM3EV are they are repible place to order from thanks brad


          Well, Brad,

          (PS: Oops, I just noticed that EM3EV may be easier for you to order from, but maybe not, as the State extortion in VAT up north is high, and avoiding it by a cross-hostile-boundary purchase may garner you a customs/duties State penalty anyway. Otherwise those prices, components, and values do seem to approximate those of Luna Cycle, which is a good thing. As you see below, I figured that you might be located in the middle portion of the North American continent. But the Luna Cycle Bafang mid-drive does have that upgraded internal controller, though, which is probably worth having over the standard one. Otherwise, I'd say, yeah, go for it, either from EM3EV if that is more sensible for you, or via Luna Cycle, if you're comfortable ordering from there and are willing to wait a few more days for stuff to arrive.)

          Maybe you'll consider starting a new thread, as I think your questions really deserve their own new topic.

          But lets keep rolling with it, as "Hello From Mass" may have run its course, and your questions are good and reasonable ones, even if they seem a little funny to me somehow.

          Interestingly, they can really only be answered by you!

          I know, I know, you're the one with no eBike experience yet, so how can you get the answers when you're the one asking the questions? Ha, ha, ha..

          Here's what I will tell you: there are variables, of course.

          "No problems" is not something anyone can guarantee you. But it does look or seem like that bike frame would probably not have any unforeseen problems with a Bafang mid-drive installation, as it probably has a 68 or 73mm bottom bracket. But do your own due diligence and verify that.

          "Potential speeds" is a plural. And yes, depending your own body weight, tire size, outdoor temperatures (batteries perform poorer in cold), wind conditions, road conditions, and grade of incline, there will be variable speeds. But, I'm guessing on a flat and somewhat smooth surface, with the two main components mentioned and under ideal conditions, and with your rear cassette sprocket, someone up to 200 lbs could probably get a top speed of up to 30 mph.

          "How far", like speed, has variables like the ones mentioned above and also much added pedaling is involved. But I'll guess that with no pedaling, under ideal conditions, and with a battery pack like the 48v Dolphin (48v x 11.5ah = 552 WH) might get about 10 miles. But with some pedaling, probably twice that, and more.

          Here's an article on eBike range:

          So, I think the "value" of the range in miles, power in climbing, and the speed offered by Luna Cycle in the price for those two main components listed above is about as good as it gets in an easier eBike installation, at around 1K. Spending any less will probably bring frustration. And you can undoubtedly spend more somewhere else but get a lot less value in those areas.

          And that's what I think is a smart entry for an eBike installation. You probably won't outgrow that set up too soon. But when or if you do, you'll probably known exactly how much farther down the proverbial eBike rabbit hole you want to go. Ha, ha, ha...

          Otherwise, maybe others here can speak better to a potential set-up like that, regarding range and speed, as that combo on a frame like yours may already be pretty common for a few forum members here.

          And, all of that stuff is offered at, which also sponsors this forum. I'm not a shill for them, but I do recommend them as smart choice for what looks like some of the best values on eBike components from a North American source.

          There's a small element of risk involved with this eBike stuff. But, with a forum like this and sellers like Luna Cycle, any significant risk is almost nonexistent.

          So, when you do get your eBike components installed, you'll have all of the answers to your questions. And then you can respond to questions like yours with firsthand experience.


          "thanks for the reply! that set up would have no problems going my 2011 giant revel 3? also do you know the potential speeds you would be able to reach and how far you would be able to go on that set up (km) wise? really appreaite all the info you gave me also where would I be able to purchase?
          thanks again brad"
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            I had a setup just like Christian is suggesting, and can agree with pretty much everything he commented on.
            That said, I must add, I've switched to a BBSHD.
            The BBS02 was GREAT, but I was willing to spend the extra for the deeper grunt of torque.
            I live in the Pacific Northwest and have 4 trails within 40 minutes drive that have tons of steep technical climbs, and the BBS02 impressed me to the point of laughing out loud in amazement, climbing what seemed impossible with modest input on my part. The BBSHD doesn't really feel any more powerful on a quick ride down the block. But the deeper grunt, even when your in the wrong gear, is more robust on the HD.
            Wether that is worth $150 more is a choice people have to make for their selves.
            I bought everything from Lunacycle, and exchanged many emails with their staff.
            Some items were just becoming available, and took a little longer than expected to ship.
            But I will continue to buy all ebike stuff from them, I think they are on the cutting edge of DIY ebiking, and I'm loving every minute of being along for the ride.


              One last comment about range, my ebiking buddy and I plan rides around a 15 mile goal distance.
              I weigh close to 200# and pedal a fairly decent amount to get some exersize, and help keep the 15 mile range I know I can achieve.
              That is mixed trail, some steep uphill, some steep downhill.



                Cheers! I'm moving from PDX to Danvers in about 3-4 weeks, so I'm curious about the biking culture - if any - in the area. I've heard that biking lanes are a rare find and based upon my limited visits there thus far, it seems to be about right. I'm probably going to build out a BBSHD mountain bike with suspension (donor TBD).