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New to e bikes need help with kit

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    New to e bikes need help with kit

    I am currently a college student and for a project I am building an electronic bike and recently picked up this bike to use for it which is a cannondale r300 here are some pics. I’m looking to use a mid drive kit but don’t know which motor and battery would be best for Me I’m looking to be able to go 15-20 miles on one charge. I was looking on lunacycles kits and wasn’t sure what would be best for me. I can provide further details and pictures if needed any help or guidance would be much appreciated

    Look at the Bafang mid drives. A 400 Wh "useable energy" battery should take you 20 miles. So, 500 or more. A 13Ah 48V pack would be ample but not excessive. If you want to go fast, go bigger.

    That should be a good start...
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