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    Hello e-Heads!

    Hi Everyone,

    Total noob here, just getting my feet wet in the e-bike world. I wanted to start with something somewhat affordable, so I landed on an 'Xtreme Rubicon - 2018' (my profile pic). It has a 500 watt rear hub motor..and while it's no Luna Apex, I'm still looking forward to this crappy NY weather (15° F & snowy atm) to turn around so I can get out there. My plan is to commute about 18 miles to work, charge up, and make the same trip home (really hope you more experienced guys aren't laughing at that thought lol). According to reviews, I should be able to make it there with some juice to main concern is how much work I'll be putting in : ) I mean I want to have a decent cardio workout each day, but not arrive to work drenched in sweat at the same time!

    Browsing through the forums, I'm excited to see the abundance of knowledge this site has amassed. I know me, and I'll be looking to get into something with more power before the end of summer. I'm curious to find out how much of a pita it might be to simply replace the hub motor/wheel on my factory built bike with a more powerful one (say a 1000 watt). I know I'll have to figure what controller I have, and its capabilities first...beyond that, I'm here to learn! Glad to be here, and I look forward to getting to know some of you.


    Welcome. 1st day of spring but you wouldn't know it by peeking outside. What battery?


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      48V 10.4Ah according to their website. No BMS info but I’d assume 30A continuous.

    • clouse81
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      lol seriously..this cold needs to go. Thank you..and yes, moarpower is right on with the specs. Also, the 500W motor is a Bafang "high torque, zero resistance" and the controller is listed as a " 48 Volt 15 Amp Sealed Smart Controller". One line in their ad had me second guessing myself for a bit: "comes standard with a high quality beverage holder. There is no extra charge!" lmao...I've heard good things about Bafang motors though, so hopefully she'll get me by until I decide to start ripping and replacing.
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