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    Hi everyone,
    I have bought two bikes to which I plan to add mid drive motors. I have already bought the mid drives from Luna Cycles. One of the bikes is an old Townie 21 and the second is an Electra GhostRider. As a newcomer to this forum and someone who is doing his first conversion, I will have a lot of questions starting with how to modify the brakes. I want to add disk brakes to the Townie. Has anyone done that and if so, do you think it is practical to do so. With the Ghostrider, it is a separate issue as it has coaster brakes. Same question here, "has anyone changed the brakes on a Ghostrider?


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      What type of riding you plan to do and what brakes are on those bikes now? As long as its not the old school road caliper type I think you will be fine for fair weather riding you would expect on those types of bikes. As long as they are cantilever, U, V, or similar just get some decent new pads and I don't think you will have a problem.

      I was recently looking into converting the brakes on an old bike and came to the conclusion it was just not a good idea. It made even less sense than sticking the $1300 kit on it in the first place which was also questionable. If you did it and the pretty cheap looking brackets actually fit reasonably well and don't fail will the frame and fork hold up? Remember these were not at all designed to have those forces on them. You also need to factor in that unless you can build your own wheels that you are looking at a complete replacement wheel set. Even the cheap wheels are going to be in the $75 range then do you need tires? Will your existing derailleur and such work with the new wheels or are you going to have to upgrade there too? Thats a lot to invest and ask of an older bike design. My build I plan to ride in the snow and ice so I thought disc was important so I decided to just find an inexpensive bike that already had disc which ended up being a new Schwinn from Wally World since there were pretty much zero lower to mid range disc bikes on the used market in my area. If it was just a fair weather mostly pavement cruiser then I would have stuck with the antique with cantiliver brakes and I think been just fine.

    Hi everyone,a quick thanks to the administration for letting me join. I am a retired textile engineer now living in Skegness Uk. A couple of years ago I brought a Chinese 20 inch wheel front hub kit 36 v 500 watt motor which I have installed on a bmx with a detachable side hack.The project has sat there for one reason or another until this Christmas when the wife brought me two majors drill sets which included four 5ah batteries which I fitted into a 3D printed housing which I purchased from eBay a while ago. The fitting went quite well and neat and tidy but the problem I have is that when I switch it on and turn the pedal the motor turns with the wheel ( obviously) while turning the throttle at full speed only. So there is no throttle control and to stop it I have to either brake or turn it off at the key can any one help me sought this out . Many Thanks


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      Have you tried wiring in a different throttle?

    Hi thanks for your quick response,I think that might be my next move really. I suppose with the kit parts being like old new parts , the throttle twist grip has still got the sellophane cover on it but it could have been defective from new. I didn’t know if I had wired it up wrong or if possibly there is a way to check the throttle while it’s on the bike maybe ?


    hi, newbie here . just ordered Sur-ron X. my first e-bike. suppose to arrive next month?


      Newbie hello from LA. This is my 3rd ebike
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