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    Also a new guy, but definitely liking what I'm seeing.
    I burned up the control module (DAS KIT-6)on my Leisger CD5 elec bike. Tried to keep as much of the existing hardware as possible. no go.
    Included with this post are 2 pictures of the Turn Handle Hall sensor controlled throttle. Opened it up and would like to have a better understanding of what I'm looking at, besides the fact that it doesn't work. I know new ones are only 10.00 $, but on fixed income and trying to be prepared for the worst recession in the history of mankind, that is right around the corner,I want to learn how to repair it if possible.l 0


      Whats up Yallllllzzzzz! My name is JR. I am based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I joined this forum to gain knowledge needed to fix this stolen E-Bike I acquired Christmas Eve. So far its been the biggest pain in my azz since my wife shoved her fist up in it. That's a whole different topic tho. It all started out with me having to change out the ignition switch. I have since graduated to installing a 1000w motor and throwing that 350 off the balcony, I got it all hooked back up correctly but no power. Lights and everything else work.... except the... Motor SO.....


        Can a 12V lawn tractor battery be used to supplement the 36 V battery


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          I think you would need some sort of 12v. to 36V. inverter.