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    Thanks for the warning about welding aluminum. I have been reading about bike frames, aluminum, welding, and heat treating all morning. So it looks like it is going to be steel.

    I have been reading about electric bikes since Tidal Force and Crystalyte hubs were the only way to go. I remember the instructions for building an ebike back then. Stay away from aluminum and get a cheap steel bike. It was going to be heavy anyway and powered anyway so who cares.

    I really like the look of that fat tired Lux 7D and I want disc brakes but that maybe something that can be added later. Another thing to consider Electra makes a Tall steel 7D and I am 6'4" with long legs. I found this photo of a rear disc Electra and that looks like something I can do. Hubs rims and spokes is also something I can do...............calfee



      You could probably shoehorn a BBSHD into an Electra Lux Fat frame triangle without grinding on the seat post tube, but rather just put a big dimple there with some action using a ball peen hammer, in the same spot and to the same degree that SpinningMagnets has shown is necessary. Then, of course, some grinding or filing of the motor fins would be called for too.

      You could undoubtedly do it, if you really prefer that arrangement, which seems a worthy feature.

      Originally posted by calfee20 View Post
      The BBS02 does not come in 100 mm. I don't know if I want to be that radical on the frame. I may have to rethink the plan. Thanks for the extra photos.

      What if you cut the seat tube flush at the weld then cut it shorter and put a slight bend in the tube and weld it again. Remove the rear wheel and one of those tubing benders that electricians use would fit in there.


        Originally posted by calfee20 View Post
        I just ordered a BBSHD kit that will end up on an Electra Cruiser Lux Fat Tire 7D. It will be tested out on a specialized road bike first.
        FYI - MA doesn't recognize the USA's e-bike laws. Your BSSHD-equipped bike is considered a moped in MA and must be registered as such.

        I commute to MA from NH, but I can't ride my e-bike to MA...ever. It has to be registered, which I can't do since I don't live there, and can't register it in NH since there is no such thing. Stupid MA.


          I just bought a used Electra 7D with fenders for $250. I thought it was going to be a steel frame but it is aluminum. I couldn't pass it up for $250. My BBSHD comes tomorrow so we will see how much interference there is.

          I think I am going to start a thread on cruiser installations. Well I am going out to put air in the tires of my new beater and go for a ride.............calfee


            I hope you start that thread. I rode a Townie at a shop. It was nice, very relaxed, but I figured I would never get up the hills with it. I finally bought a $270 Bikes Direct Mango and put a Golden Motor Smart Pie on it. I built this bike to ride on bike paths. Too many people to go fast. With 36v it will get into the 20's and with the regen I get using a cheap Lifepo pack, the brakes are pretty good. I've finally decided that cruiser bars get me most of the way to where I want to go. The bars I use are maybe a 3 inch rise and the grips twist around into the 'handshake' position". The Mango isn't bad for the money. The fork is CrMo steel, good with a front hub. It came pretty beat up. I'm getting annoyed with Bikes Direct. I hope you get where you want to be on your conversion.

            Click image for larger version

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              Order your Bikes Direct bikes from, their scratch and dent outlet. If they are arriving scratched anyway, you might as well save some money...... I got $100 off of my Sniper FS fatty there, it arrived with two small paint chips that were just as described.

            I started the threatened thread on my cruiser installation. It is here:

            This thread starts over on the introduction section so I will refer back to the beginning. ​


              So far, the on/off button has too short of a cable to reach the I'll have to lengthen that. The on/off button isn't an issue, but that pod also has the +/- buttons, so I may end up hitting those during the ride on occasion. This makes we worry about the E-brakes possibly being too short, I'll see soon.


                I finished the handle bars this afternoon. I cut an inch from each end of the bars put the thumb throttle on the right and moved the shifter to the left. It just barely makes it. I bought another set of bars but I will be taking them back. Yes the on off button is a little far away...........calfee


                  The Trek Pure, Electra Townie, KHS Smoothie, and Sun's version of the flat foot, are all outstanding climbers and great at higher speeds with simple brake upgrades. The spacial and road awareness in an upright almost "chopper" like stance is fantastic. No pressure on the hands and wrists, just a totally comfortable upright stance. I'm finding more and more I leave my daily rider in 3 gear with great acceleration from a throttle start. With little stress on the system. The BBSHD is the best thing to happen to comfort cruisers in my experience. I now own 4. As soon as I find a 10-12 year old Townie frame, number 5. BTW 2 are still 350W BBS01's and the two sweetest bike/running/walking path bikes. Anything over 15 on a busy day there is irresponsible. It's a 7 mile scenic ride. But The occasional huffy ass in tights makes the HD more fun, just to buzz bomb by the egos, feeling it's their racetrack training ground. Take that Beotch.